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18 Hilarious Family Stories That Would Go Hit If They Were Comedy Show Scripts

These families are kings of comedy.

There is a lot that goes on within families. One could regard them as a perfect source of entertainment as there is everything included. From fights,  sadness, and emotions,  to love,  care,  joy,  and hilarity,  a family is a complete package. Yes,  there is no doubt that starting a family can be really difficult. There are so many compromises,  stresses,  patience run out,  and god knows what. And maintaining a family is an even bigger responsibility on the parents’ shoulders. But once you’ve got it,  it is a beautiful life ahead till the end of time.

Today,  as you guys may have guessed it,  we will be exploring the hilarious side of families. We have created a compilation of family moments that are very funny.

Let’s enjoy these hilarious families that easily beat any comedy show. Scroll down below for some hilarity!

1. He loves adopting and had a lot of pets. His mom had had enough and told him not to bring in more. The next day he brought his new four-legged rescue home.


Via Rosegingerborn / Reddit

2. This person’s father fully looks like the Asian version of Danny Devito.


Via KyronX / Reddit

3. I think the nephew id bound to get that date. Everyone loves chicken nuggets.


Via In_A_YamChele / Twitter

4. She just couldn’t get herself to poop on Spider-Man so she automatically started used the toilet.

This is love. I hope she grows up to tell this story to Spider-Man himself.


Via sammylynn_ / Twitter

5. He went to Machi Picchu with his Dad and this is his only picture from that day. Thanks,  Dad.


Via Mr_Tom_Yabo / Reddit

6. They thought their 4-year-old nephew would get bored of all the princesses as they took him to Disney World. That’s not what happened.


Via heethark / Reddit

7. Dad was helping daughter clean the room and that’s when he found her VR controller. He picked it up and went “Do I wanna know what this is?”

Via RadiationGhoul / Twitter

8. How conversations with an introvert husband be like.


Via chertovka00 / Twitter

9. This little girl wanted to resign from school and she used the word “kindly”.

Via issaazamat / Twitter

These moments are so hilarious. I swear stand-up comedians can narrate these stories and become legends. These family moments really are a strong contender to be transformed into comedy shows. I am fully loving these and I hope you guys are too.

Let’s enjoy some more of these hysterical situations. Scroll down to continue!

10. “Every year, I get my family a Christmas gag gift based on my dog. This year, it’s replica slippers.”


Via Lotan / Reddit

11. He knew his joke had fully flopped right there and then.

Via solar_circle / Twitter

12. Mommy sewed this hat for the family dog. This is so cute and the dog looks so funny.


Via BreannaRufina / Twitter

13. His parents are yet to be grand parents but they couldn’t wait so they framed the pictures of their granddogs on thekr house wall.

Via namanama101 / Reddit

14. They lost it after seeing a freaking buffalo in the house and then remember their mom got one the other day.


Via gfxtacy / Twitter

15. The son tried to hide his mistake by making another mistake.

Via mattwalshblog / Twitter

16. When life gives you lemons,  don’t buy your children any toys. They will find a friend in one of those lemons.


Via Jamberee13 / Twitter

17. Mommy went for a shower and left the kids on their own. This is the result.

Via Pogmaster / Twitter

18. All the kids were playing hide-and-seek and this one decided to hide under a transparent box. Classic children behavior.


Via secret_agent_dog / Reddit

I hope you guys enjoyed these hilarious family events. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

Stay tuned for more hilarity!


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