Hiring Manager Receives Criticism After Revealing Her Criteria For Hiring Employees

In the fast-moving world of today, it’s surprising to see how certain people make important decisions based on their inane beliefs.

Hiring people on a company’s behalf is not a small responsibility. Nobody wants to hire employees that don’t match the company’s requirements. There’s always a criterion that includes a person’s level of qualification, skill, and of course experience. But, what the following manager did was out of the ordinary.

In a tweet, Business Insider’s executive managing editor Jessica Liebman gave everybody a bit of small advice for filtering out the best candidates for recruitment.  She says:

“I’ve been hiring people for 10 years, and I still swear by a simple rule: If someone doesn’t send a thank you email, don’t hire them.”

Liebman further explained:

“How someone presents in interviews might not translate to effectiveness in the role. While sending a thank-you note doesn’t necessarily guarantee the person will be a good hire, it gives you the tiniest bit more data: The candidate is eager, organized, and well mannered enough to send the note. […]

It shows resourcefulness, too, because the candidate often has to hunt down an email address the interviewer never gave them. At Insider Inc., we look to hire “good eggs.” The thank-you email is a mark for the good-egg column.’”

“Seven years later, I stand by it.”

But, guess what? Twitterati did not sit quietly.

This is what Twitter had to say.




Actually, this makes more sense.


Couldn’t have said it better.


Sadly, this is a thing these days.


Now, they all can’t be wrong.


Maybe it’s time to make the amends.


Now, that’s good advice.


Do you think Liebman’s way of hiring people can be justified? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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