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30 Times Horrible Bosses Were Shamed Online By Their Employees

30 Times Horrible Bosses Were Shamed Online By Their Employees

You can work with crazy coworkers but you cannot work with a horrible boss.

A horrible boss makes it difficult for an employee to work. They would try to manipulate you. They would not give you a salary or cut your salary. They would not let you use your holidays. They would call you at any time and would expect you to come. They would not give you raises. We all have gone through this. We all have awful bosses. Today, we have compiled the experiences of employees who had horrible bosses. So, scroll down and enjoy!


1. Boss was mad at the employee for using the vacations he gave him:

Image source: jordan_stratton

2. The toxic office culture:


Image source: yeoldedad

3. When your boss tries to manipulate a situation:


Image source: _Xyreo_

4. Why being an independent contractor sucks:


Image source: birdrespecter

5. Why cannot employees discuss the base pay?


Image source: ceanothourus

6. “Boss told me after massively overworking me that if I want to play in his sandpit I need to toughen up. Told him I don’t want to play in the sandpit, I want time to lay on the lawn with my cats. He told me to take my cats and fuck off. He was bluffing. I wasn’t. I quit! Coming at ya from my lawn!”


Image source: WhlteMlrror

7. “Boss, we need new tools”, “You just got new tools”


Image source: Archiive

8. When you have approved time off but your boss still schedules you:


Image source: imjusthere1969

9. Got a write-up for discussing salary with co-workers (which he didn’t):


Image source: spicymemories19

10. “2 weeks of telling my boss the produce in the warehouse is going bad – Him: dont worry about it.”


Image source: Kaxton15

This employee should make a cake for his boss using the strawberries from the warehouse.

11. When your boss refuses to accept what he said to you:

Image source: binthinkin77

12. When your boss would not consider your convenience:


Image source: oo-de-lally-golly

13. We all want shitty policies in writing:

Image source: COVID19_4Lyf

14. When they tell you to come to work on your day off:


Image source:

15. “Working night shift without holiday pay. This is the lunch they provided. Happy New Year!”

Image source: thatuploadingaccount

OP should leave his job and find a better company that provides Holiday pay. We all deserve a good salary. We have bills to pay. You cannot expect us to work for less. Some bosses think that they can misbehave with their employees and employees would keep tolerating their bulls**t behavior. We, employees, know our worth and bosses should know that we can quit toxic jobs.

16. “My boss gave me this gloves for ”welding” after my old ones burned, I asked him for new one…”


Image source: Loponyt

It is clearly an OSHA violation and they must be reported to OSHA.

17. When your boss is sad because his team lost “The Super Bowl”:

Image source: dm_me_ur_pls

18. The manager should have banned these customers:


Image source: C4ptaincrunch20

19. When they pay you in cash:

Image source: OhCoyle

20. “So I’m 5 days into my covid positive reading and my boss sends me this because she’s short staffed and I’m still feeling absolutely ill. I’m in Florida for winter break and she’s back in NC meaning I would have to fly while covid positive.”


Image source: Skaifur

21. “i guess i havent been removed from the email list yet. after terminating my coworker for going to a funeral and calling me a slur they send this.”

Image source: JelloZealousideal954

22. “My sister recieved this email today. It was sent from her manager to all her coworkers. She reported it to HR and they told her it was “out of place for her to cretique her superior’s emails.””


Image source: getyourtimeback

23. “About a year ago I got let go of my job and decided to hussle making music, this is the second time my ex-boss tries to have me mention him in a ‘media opportunity’.”

Image source: PurveyorOfSapristi

24. “A competing company is offering us 20 percent more to work for them. Management’s response:”

Image source: daniel-moseley

25. Test positive for Covid and do not tell anyone:

Image source: katierose

26. Award for the most horrible boss goes to:

Image source: EggEggEggEggOWO

27. Taping a paper to the clipboard:


Image source: Petemarsh54

28. This boss won’t let a mom take time off:

Image source: Queen__Bri

29. Every boss’s expectations:


Image source: parawh0remal

30. When your boss is sorted:

Image source: s13Twin

Did you ever have a horrible boss? Share your experiences with us in the comment section down below!

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