11 Hysterical Stories of People Who Didn’t Realize Who They’re Talking To

We’re not just people, we’re a million stories. Each one of us has something to say and share. A moment we cherish, something that made us proud, a plan that terribly went wrong or maybe an event that changed us. From an embarrassing memory to a hysterical situation, a lot of stories are meant to be shared. Often times we are randomly talking to people and have no clue who they are. Sometimes, we’re just casually chit-chatting in the waiting room of a doctor’s office or just venting about the long lines at the grocery stores to people we don’t even know. No matter where in the world we are, we are always trying to interact and cut through the awkward silence.


We run into celebrities and famous people, while totally clueless. Unknowingly, situations turn into a mess and become something next to the most popular comedy show scene as the conversation progresses. However, things are a little different when we’re caught in a similar situation over the internet. It’s a different kind of world. Although we’re less likely to be clueless unless the other one’s trying their best to not be recognized.

Below are 11 hilarious occasions where people had no idea who were they talking to. Enjoy!


This kid met a skater as good as Tony Hawk.

You don’t know what I know.

This guy was certainly unaware he was talking to the official Twitter account for Star Wars.

An awkward fan moment? Probably.


Read the book but ignored the author.

And the joke was:

Well, sometimes when we get embarrassed, the cause is not another person but our own ignorance. We would argue, form opinions, and judge others while being totally blind to not little but some of the major and obvious details. Just like in the above case. It’s hilarious that we can’t forget moments like these. Many years down the road we will be telling these stories to our children and grandchildren. Everyone in the room has a good laugh. A fond memory we will cherish, the shared laughter.


The ignoramus.

The one with the cool shirt.

This lady came in for the first time, for sure.


Why people can’t stand a strong woman?

Yeah, you tell em’ Morello!

You’re standing in my house asking me about the owner?


We all love Matilda.

Did you find these stories funny? Tell us about your embarrassing /awkward encounters in the comments down below and share with this post with your friends. Let’s spread laughter and happiness with each other. What goes around comes back around!


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