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Incompetent Boss Tries To Steal Employee’s Work, Gets Fired

I know that only people who can actually utter this statement have money in their pockets but it is essentially true. While I am not going to go ahead and say that money doesn’t matter because it does and yes, it can make your life easier but it isn’t everything. At the end of the day, as cliche, as it might sound, money can’t buy happiness even if you think it might be able to. So sometimes you have to make life decisions that might not make you a ton of money but will give you peace of mind. However, in a lot of jobs, we don’t tend to think like this. When it comes to work, most of us just want to get as much as possible for the work we do and there is nothing wrong with valuing your hard work highly. Although you have to also keep in mind whether you are actually somewhat satisfied doing the job that you’re currently doing. I am well aware that sometimes you don’t have a choice and some of us don’t have the luxury of options but oftentimes, you just have to break out of the box.

Why do people attempt to take the labor of others and act so foolishly as to believe they would get away with it? This manager grossly undervalued their staff. Swift and violent was the pro-revenge.

1. When OP proposed automating to his manager to save time, he replied in a condescending way

Text - r/ProRevenge + Join u/Unhappy_Taste • 2d 1 E 1 Taught a lesson to my idiot boss who tried to get credit and promotion for a softwarel made and fired me over it I was working in a finance company last year. One day, I propose to my manager that since I have a computer programming background, I know that for that manual job XYZ, automation can be done using some new tech and it'll reduce 500 man hours per week. He also has some tech background, so he says it hasn't been done because it can'

2. The idea of OP was banned for using because the manager said manual way is effective which wasn’t. Later he started doing the work with OP’s software without mentioning him and got promoted 

Text - I, being bullheaded and with shit to prove (and CV to build), developed it on my own, in my own time, on my home computer, then compiled it into a binary (single executable file without code) and gave it to him. He got permission from IT department to run it on his computer and was utterly sure that it won't work and he would get to laugh at me, but it did. Even though the software works, idiot manager took it as an insult somehow and banned me from using it, giving some inane reason that

3. One day manager comes barging in OP’s office and asks for the code otherwise he would fire him, OP refuses and resigns, later comes to know his aim

Text - Now instead of being a sensible guy and coming clean to get code from me, he calls me in his cabin, behaves rudely and says that I need to submit the code for that software, I asked him why ? You had said we won't be using it ? He's like, either you submit the code or you'll be fired. I was already fed up of being treated like shit by this shitstain, just because he was somehow jealous. So I said fuck off, I won't submit the code, I know enough know that you can't sue me and I resign. law

4. OP was smart enough to put a malicious code in the file which would not make the software work

Text - Little did he know, there was a malicious code module hidden in that executable file, which checked for a 1 or O on a remote github repository everytime it was run, if 1 or no network, do everything as required, but if a 0 is received, that's emergency signal. I added that little code because his behaviour was very shitty to begin with and I didn't trust him, I was planning to remove it after its official implementation, which never happened. So I went ahead and changed that 1 to O after

5. The malicious code encrypted word, excel and PowerPoint files of the manager, he couldn’t understand what happened. Later OP used the same code at another company and succeeded 

Text - Suddenly his laptop was frozen and nothing was working anymore. It took him a while to realize something fishy was going on and then he took out the laptop battery to switch it off. By then, all the word, excel and PowerPoint files were encrypted and the executable had erased itself out of existence. I used the same code (without the malicious module), to get a better job at another company, where l'm much more appreciated and the job is also fun, then the whole covid thing happened and n

6. The promotion of raise of the manager therefore got cancelled as he lost important data. He called OP abusing him and he ignored 

Text - That idiot boss's promotion and raise got cancelled because he couldn't produce what he promised. He also got reprimanded for losing a lot of important company data, which he attributed to some unknown virus, which wasn't believable because no one's allowed to put anything on those office laptops without security clearance from IT deptt. He called me one night, drunk, angry, threatening me that he knows what I did. I feigned ignorance and quoted something like shit happens to shitty peopl

7. Some updates 

Text - There are some questions which keep coming up again and again, so l'm answering them here in the post, I tried to answer each of them in the comments individually but now I have to sleep. Q1) Being a finance related company, they generally have stringent security measures, how could IT department allow the manager to load the program on his laptop and why didn't they check its network communication or run it through an antivirus ?

8. Some clearance on the story 

Text - A1) This is not the kind of company a lot of people here are envisioning, yes they have security measures like blocked USB ports, firewalls etc. in place, but just so that if a client visit happens, they can qualify. Most of the employees in IT department are highly underpaid, sick of red tapeism and blame games, so if it's not a very weird request, they generally just ask for an email from project manager and load whatever software they need, especially custom ones, because they can't re

9. Regarding firewall instructions..


10. Answer to questions on the story

Text - They did run the program through a basic antivirus, it didn't show up as suspicious and there can be a lot of reasons for it, primary being, shitty antivirus, I keep checking it on my comp and it's not detected there either, maybe because the code doesn't seem familiar enough to it, maybe because used Golang, maybe because they just suck, I don't know and I am not an expert in antiviruses but the ones l've tried in VM are Quickheal, McAfee and Norton and all three of them don't show anyth

11. More answers 

Text - A2: Yes guys I know it's a crime. And sadly I don't really have a fancy excuse for this, I was just plain cocky and angry. I felt I wouldn't get caught and that guy was up my ass from a long time. I instinctively knew he would do some weird shit when l'd hand it over to him, so I wanted to teach him a lesson (*IF* he did some shit). If he would've implemented it, I would've replaced it with the non-exploit version and no one would've known. If he would've given me a sane reason not to imp

12. OP is advising the readers to not try the code

Text - Having said that, a lot of shit could've gone sideways and although I was super careful at each step, it could've turned into a horrible nightmare. Anyone getting inspired by this, DO NOT DO THIS PLEASE. Q3: How do you know what happened in that meeting ? A3: My ex-colleagues told me everything over drinks later, they are unaware of my involvement Q4: Can you get caught due to your GitHub repo, as they can trace the homing signal to that ?

13. Some more answers to people’s confusions

Text - A4: It's an anonymous repo made with a fake email ID, it just consists some garbage generic looking HTML text with a Y/N hidden in it. I never log in or access it directly and though unlikely, even if Github saw its access logs, it'd never trace back to my actual IP Q5: Sometimes you say you were fired and sometimes you say you resigned ? A5: I was asked to resign, I didn't have any choice, it's equivalent to getting fired. I chose to resign peacefully because I already had my eyes on ano

14. Details about the tech stack used by OP

Text - Q6: How long did you take to make it ? A6: 3-4 months Q7: What tech stack did you use ? A7: Golang for coding, linux as OS, some external libs but mostly stdlib provided everything I needed. Compiled into a single statically linked binary targeted for Windows 10 Q8: Why couldn't you just sell it and get rich ?

15. Here are some more answers that might help you

Text - A8: It's not that easy, it'd have taken years of convincing, security compliance and things I generally wasn't in a mood to get into. Getting a job in another company and then implementing it there was easier, got a good package because of it. I'm building up on it so that I can start my own consulting firm in a few years when I have some senior perspective of tech + finance Q9: Final aftermath of the manager ? A9: He was given an offer of promotion and raise, contingent on implementation

16. That was all about the story 

Text - A10: Since I manually copied the file on my manager's USB drive, then he himself went and got the approval for its installation on his laptop saying that he was the file owner and responsible for it and then he himself executed it, in the process encrypting/deleting only his own files, I don't come in the picture at all. Even if tomorrow he tells the truth to everyone, there's nothing that points to me, I've erased its existence from my side, all I have to say "I don't know what the fuck
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