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18 Insane Unexplained Incidents That You Probably Shouldn’t Read About Late At Night

Are you a fan of horror stories that are based on true events? Say no more!

There are not a lot of people who enjoy getting chills down their spine but there are some people who just have different preferences and it’s not like they are psychopaths. Logically speaking, we should be running away from things that induce fear but when it comes to horror movies or stories, they do the opposite. They are more likely to intrigue people. According to a general survey, about 36% of people enjoy watching horror movies or reading stories that are based on true events due to 3 reasons – tension, unrealism, and relevance. Everyone tends to have a different experience based on their likes and dislikes.


Anyway, today we have gathered some unexplained incidents that are bound to creep you out and send shivers down your spine because these stories are not fictional. The stories that we have gathered are purely based on true stories. So, we would advise that you better not read these stories late at night because they might just keep you awake thinking about them. In fact, you might even end up researching about them because these are unresolved mysteries and to this day, it still couldn’t be explained. Now let’s go ahead and read about these creepy incidents that took place.

1. The Stockholm Vampire

via: Crime Feed

Back in 1932, there used to be a sex worker who went by the name of Lilly Lindestrom. Lily was known to regularly entertain her clients at her home in Stockholm. Her neighbor was the last person who saw her alive when she came at his door asking for some condoms, during a late-night back in May.

Three days later, her neighbor reported to the police that she hadn’t seen Lily for a while. The police broke into Lily’s house and found that Lily had been murdered and her body has been lying there for 2-3 days. Now, this is not the creepy part. The thing is that her blood was drained, completely. A bloody sauce spoon (gravy ladle) was found nearby, and they believed that the murderer used it to drink her blood.

2. Northwest Airlines Flight 2501

via: Michigan Shipwrecks

It was around 7:30 pm when this flight departed from New York and after being denied permission to drop further in altitude near Milwaukee. It was about 12:13 am when it was last heard from. But it gets even creepier ahead!

There were 58 people on the flight: 3 crew members and 55 passengers, including men, women, and children. The flight was supposed to land in Minneapolis that night but was unsuccessful. 13 hours after the last radio call, rubble was found. This included oil stains, aircraft wreckage, airline logs, luggage, seat cushions, and body parts. And to this day, it’s still a mystery what actually happened to that flight.

3. The Sagittarius Wow Signal

via: NPR

One night in August 1977, a SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Civilization) volunteer was surprised to find that we might have received a message from deep space. He was looking at a computer record of sounds from deep space and noticed a series of numbers and letters that were different from any other number and letters: 6EQUJ5. It lasted about 2.5 minutes and the sound was loud. He took out a red pen in awe, circled it, and wrote “Wow!” in the printing. They tracked the transmission of Sagittarius, but mysteriously couldn’t find anything that might come from, and they still can’t find it to this day.

4. The Reincarnated Twins

via: Historic Mysteries

A family had to go through immense pain after losing their two little girls in a car accident. But then something really creepy happened… the family had twins about a year later and those girls started to remember different things from their deceased sister’s lives.

Not only that, the twins even had strange birthmarks which were extremely similar to their deceased sister’s. They even remember the places that they have never been to but their deceased sisters did and the twins were also terrified of moving cars without a reason.

5. The Disappearance and Reappearance of Agatha Christie

via: History Extra

After putting her daughter to sleep at night, the best-selling novelist went downstairs, got in the car, and drove into the night. What followed was a large-scale raid. Her car was found abandoned, with no obvious signs of an accident or fall. Rumors spread and people wanted to know if she was murdered, or if it was just a big publicity stunt.

Eleven days later, she was found safe and sound in a hotel in Harrogate. Christie claimed that she did not remember anything and could not help the police find out what happened to her. She never mentioned it again in her life.

6. The 1997 Phoenix UFO

via: Postize

On a clear night in March 1997, people in Phoenix looked up at the sky and saw countless bright lights arranged in a V shape. It was an argument about whether it was a huge object or a bunch of objects forming a shape, but one thing was certain, this was not something normal.

Witnesses claimed that the formation was one mile wide and was even seen in Las Vegas and New Mexico. When asked, Luke Air Force Base claimed that it was actually caused by their flare thrown at high altitudes. Twenty years later, there are still many sceptics.

7. “The Bloop”

via: Postize

In 1997, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) detected strong ultra-low frequency noise at underwater listening stations, some of which extended 5,000 kilometres away. This sound is nicknamed “The Bloop”. Naturally, there are many theories and rumors that the sound comes from a large unknown animal (pronounced: a sea creature). In 2012, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration claimed that they solved the mystery that it was just the sound of an ice shelf breaking, also known as an “ice quake.”

8. Norway’s Isdal Woman.

via: BBC

In November 1970, an unidentified woman was found in the Isdalen valley in Norway. She only had severe burns on the front part of her body, all the labels of her clothes had been torn off, and everything had obvious marks. Interestingly, when the police started investigating, they found encrypted information, false identity, and disguise, but they were still unable to find out who she was.

9. The Haunted California Toys “R” Us

via: YouTube

Imagine working at Toys “R” Us and seeing things fly through your warehouse without any reason. Imagine hearing a voice repeating Rebecca’s name, but not knowing where that voice came from. Imagine the famous psychic Sylvia Brown coming to hold a seance for your store.

These are all the things that happened in this store in Sunnydale. Legend has it that a hard worker fell in love with the rancher’s daughter, but she did not return his love. Enraged by the news, while he was chopping some wood in the field, he ended up cutting his leg and bled to death. They said that this Toys R Us was built in the same place where the ranch was a long time ago.

10. The Coffins That Switched Places

via: Skeptoid

In a very old cemetery in Barbados, there is a legend that every time a closed vault is opened to add a coffin, the coffin inside will be moved to a different place. Apparently, this happened 4 times, each time before resealing the vault, the coffin was moved back to the correct position. There are so many different versions of this story that most people think it is already an urban legend.

11. The Bible John Killer

via: Telegraph

In the late 1960s, three young mothers were brutally raped and strangled by a mysterious man in Scotland. Who did it is still a mystery. They called him Biblical John because all witnesses claimed to have heard this man quote the Bible before the murder. The police suspected several people, including the son of a policeman who followed his victims in the daily dance hall, and a man nicknamed the Yorkshire Ripper, who was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder. We may never know the true identity of this monster.

12. The Tower Of London Disappearances

via: Forensic Magazine

In April 1483, Edward IV died and his son Edward succeeded the throne. Since Edward was only 12 years old, the king’s brother Richard accompanied him to London for the coronation ceremony. They arrived in time for the coronation, but it was delayed for more than a month. In that month, Richard murdered and arrested all the people he said threatened his family and the throne. He also declared the marriage of his recently deceased brother invalid, which also invalidated Eduardo’s path to the throne.

He locked Edward and his brother in the Tower of London, and no one saw them again. In 1674, the construction of the Tower of London was underway when workers found a box full of bones under the ladder. A forensic analysis was carried out in 1933 and concluded that the bones belonged to children, but a recent analysis of the report found many loopholes in the theory. We may never know what happened to them.

13. The Mystery of the Mary Celeste

via: Smithsonian Magazine

Some years are more dangerous than others, and 1872 was no exception for the navigators of the Atlantic. The weather was bad that year, and hundreds of ships were missing or abandoned at sea. The reason the Mary Celeste stands out among hundreds of other ships is that it found its way back to port without a crew. Except for the lifeboat, nothing on board was lost. This means that the ship still has all the crew’s belongings, rations, and is full of 1,701 barrels of industrial alcohol. Nor was there any sign of disaster leading to this sudden abandonment. Weird and creepy AF? You bet.

14. The Disappearing Shipwrecks

via: BBC

Three Dutch warships sank decades ago and were the victims of a naval battle with Japan in 1942, killing more than 1,000 sailors. These ships seem to have been missing at sea until 2002 when amateur divers in the Java Sea in Indonesia found their bodies. People rejoiced for this discovery until the ship disappeared again in 2016. It turned out that three British warships sank in the same battle, and their positions on the seabed were also missing. So, how did the three World War II battleships disappear from their water graves?

Some people think that they were stolen and sold whole, some people think that the locals stole them piece by piece until nothing was left, while others think that they may have been blown up, got divided into smaller pieces underwater, and got decomposed. But what actually happened to these ships still remains a mystery.

15. The Overtoun Bridge Dog Suicides

via: Express

This looks particularly strange because it is not a bridge that allegedly caused only people to jump to death… but a bridge that allegedly caused dogs to jump to death as well. In the past 60 years, 600 dogs have jumped off the bridge, and more than 50 of them have not survived the fall. Many experts have tried to figure out what caused these dogs to jump for years, but there are not many clues. One person even threw his two-week-old baby to the edge, thinking it was the incarnation of a demon. However, one theory is that some kind of supernatural phenomenon caused these dogs to lose it and jump. Some even claimed to have seen the widow of the man who built the bridge lurking in a nearby window.

16. The Ghostly Astronaut

via: News & Star

When firefighter Jim Templeton revealed the photos he took of his daughter, he found the mysterious figure in the background of one of the photos. In this special area of ​​northern England, many UFO sightings have occurred over the years. This photo seems to indicate that something has indeed happened. Kodak even confirmed that the image has never been retouched.

17. “The Hollinwell Incident”

via: Hucknall Dispatch

More than 300 children fell to the ground for no reason during an outdoor charity show held at Hollingwell Outdoor Market in England in 1980. Over the years, there have been many theories about this cause, including mass hysteria, radio waves, contaminated water, and food poisoning. Now they say they have a way to solve this 38-year-old mystery.

18. The Woman Who Survived a 33,330-foot Fall

via: NY Times

This one is crazy! Vesna Vulović, who happens to be a Serbian flight attendant, got caught in an explosion mid-flight when a bomb got detonated. But the crazy part is, she still managed to survive as the plane plunged 33,330 feet to the ground.

We have finally reached the end of this post and we hope that by now, you must be in a shock because we were too while narrowing down these stories for you! We would like to know which one of the stories did you find to be the creepiest? For us, it was the story of the twins! What about you? Feel free to write down in the comments below.


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