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Karen Mistakes An Armed Guard For An Employee, Calls The Police On Him


Karens never learn from their mistakes.

We all hope that Karens will learn their lesson and stop bothering people one day, but they never do. I’m not sure how they can look at their actions and believe they’re in the right. If they believe what they are doing is the correct decision, there must be something seriously wrong with them. At least, that is the only reason I can think of for people to behave in this manner. It’s not even a story about a spoiled brat. Karen was essentially a liar, and that was the end of it.

She noticed a man with a gun holstered at his side and called the cops. Don’t get me wrong: I would be scared if I saw that, but only because it is illegal for people other than security guards and armed forces to carry guns in my country, which is not the case in America. Furthermore, she lied to the police, which was obviously stupid given that most stores have cameras. So, of course, she was apprehended. Regardless of where you stand on gun control, lying is never acceptable, and she could have caused serious harm with this call.

You can read the entire story by scrolling down.

Source: Reddit

The title says it all but also leaves out some very important details.


He basically starts off by listing his job.



And the reason he carries a gun in the first place.



So he was at a store minding his own business still in his uniform.



But that is when a woman came towards him presumably mistaking him for an employee.



He thought that was the end of it until he was about to check out.



She had apparently called the police on him!



She was now making a big scene and lying through her teeth.



And that is how she got arrested.



What I don’t understand is what she expected to gain from this. Did she think they wouldn’t check the cameras, or did she think the cops would believe her? Couldn’t she just ignore him or question him about it? In the first place, it was none of her business; he wasn’t even looking at her. These people are always looking for ways to start sh*t.

Everything could have gone way worse than what actually happened.



And the original poster of this story agrees with that statement as well.


Honestly, with the way she acted maybe that is what should have happened.



And it isn’t as if this is something strange in that community.


She would have freaked out either way.



We can only hope that she learned her lesson and never does this again.


The point of this story is not whether you believe people should be allowed to carry guns or not. This story is about how this woman acted. Have you ever been in a situation like this before? Or have the cops been called on you? If so, why is that? Let us know in the comments section below, and please share this story with your friends.


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