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17 Honest Pics That Show What Life Really Is Like Having A Cat In The House

Having a cat in the house means experiencing new surprises every day.

If I was given the authority to make an addition to the dictionary, I would put “surprise” as a synonym for “cat”. And that is because of how unpredictable their personalities are. Having these floofs around means you have basically earned yourself a lifetime coupon of entertainment. The reason why cat owners never get bored is that they aren’t just there to warm our hearts with their innocence and cuteness, but also impress us with their highly independent, feisty, and fierce personality as well.


Oh, and when it comes to companionship, no one does it better than cats. These loyal asses would do anything in their power (which is limitless) to give their hoomans a happy life, to care for them when they are sick, and protect them when they are in danger. So yes, having a cat in your house is an experience on its own.

Let’s look at 17 representations of how life is like with cats in the house.

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1. When the cats are rehearsing the plan of attack on the treats later tonight…or to kill their owner.

2. “My cat is trying to distract me from work, as usual.”

Oh yeah, you can’t work from home, you only play at home. It’s in their contract.


3. “All the normal cats out there, and I find him…”

No, human, you don’t associate normal with the cat…ever. It’s an oxymoron.


4. “Our large boy teaching our new small boy how to cat”

A transfer of skills down the hierarchy, like it always happens.



5. “When your mom says you’re not allowed on the counter”

Fair enough!


6. “I’m cat-sitting this guy, and I think he broke.”

Excitement can cause malfunctioning at times. In such cases, push the reset button a.k.a their butt.


7. “Feeding time was an hour ago, Jessica.”

Filled with drama, about to explode!


8. “Peace was never an option.”

Why have peace when you can have cat zoomies entertaining you all day.


Well, one thing is for sure. If you are a cat owner, you should say goodbye to any sense of privacy whatsoever. Enjoy it while it lasts because once the cat adopts you, it is game over. Everything you do, your cat is going to be a part of it. And that’s what life is with cats. Your life is their life.

Let’s enjoy some more pictures. Scroll down below to continue!

9. “Sandwich only sits with my wife, but I think I found a way to beat the system.”



10.  “How my friend’s cat asks the other cat to get off the stand”


11. “They heard the sound of a can opening.”


12. “The Lord of the house is pleased that I can stay home and serve him all day.”

Thank You COVID (not but okay whatever)

13. “I get an hour to myself a day. I just wanted to lay down and watch TV. This is my exact view.”

Well the cats also only get an hour with you so you gotta deal with it.


14. “At least one of them tried to be photogenic…”

15. “We got a pet cam to check in every now and then. Tuned in today to see this.”


16. “Mama was putting the puzzle pieces away. Here’s what I think of that!”

17. “My cat turned 3 and she was not impressed with the celebrations.”

It already is the center of attention. It doesn’t require any special events to showcase its true fame.


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