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18 People Who Made Their Loved Ones Cry Happy Tears

When you get too happy, you cry happy tears and these moments are priceless.

What’s better than seeing the happiness on the faces of your loved ones? Nothing, right? Nothing is more precious than the expressions on the faces of your loved ones after they realize their biggest dream has been fulfilled finally or they have passed an exam they have been studying for or they have finally been gifted the puppies they have always wanted. We can go the extra mile to see these precious expressions on the faces of our dearest ones. We can even fly across the country to bring happiness to others’ lives. Today, we have made a compilation of 18 heartwarming posts about the people who made their loved ones cry happy tears. Scroll down to give it a read.


1. “Our cross-country mission to surprise my mom with her new puppy was a total success.”

© Proof70 / Reddit

2. He brought a cat from the shelter today.


© aspencer80 / Imgur

“We asked why he picked that cat, and he said, ’I don’t know, he just seemed so special.’”

3. “I gave my grandma a painting of her and my late grandfather for her ninety-third birthday.”


© syverlauritz / Reddit

That’s the best gift anyone could ever give to their grandparents.

4. “My youngest daughter surprised me with this! The piece of paper is a coupon for hugs, and I get 1 free.”


© Discover-the-Unknown / Reddit

This is so sweet. Everyone deserves to be treated this way every now and then.

5. “I framed my pencil drawing of my dear grandpa for my mom as a memory, and there were lots of happy tears.”


© Famous_Bird5985 / Reddit

What a surprise!

6. “When we eloped, we were on a tight budget. After 2 years, my husband designed the most amazing wedding ring I have ever seen for me!”


© LaurenZNe / Reddit

He truly loves you and we are sure there must be a lot of happy tears.

7. “I turned 30 over the weekend, so my fiancée made a giant pillow/blanket fort for me.”


© superpants22 / Imgur

Aww, that’s a cute surprise for a girlfriend who is her boyfriend’s princess.

8. “This morning, I was able to surprise my husband with a special Christmas gift!”


© AmaturePlantExpert / Reddit

9. That’s the face he made when his owner showered him with new toys he bought for him.


© Lisaiscoolenzo / Reddit

It’s the little things that make us happy. True happiness lies in the little things. You don’t have to buy expensive things or throw big parties to make someone happy. Buy them the toy they have been wanting, build a pillow castle, draw a portrait of your grandpa or get them the puppy or cat your kid has been wanting to adopt. We are sure they will not only be surprised but run to hug you.

10. “It’s my son’s tenth birthday and he has really wanted his own cat.”


© heffapig / Reddit

What a beautiful surprise when you come home from school to see a cat!

11. “My son has been begging me to take him camping, but it’s too cold. So I thought I’d give him a little surprise when he gets home.”

© CaledoniaKing / Reddit

When it is too cold to enjoy camping out, create it at home and enjoy.

12. “After a year of complaining about how her back hurt from drawing on flat surfaces, we managed to buy her first drafting table.”


© Aronaf / Imgur

Look at that happy face.

13. When you have no plans for your birthday and get this as your birthday gift:

© S***-Rexy-owo

“P.S. It had like 30 chocolate bars inside.”

14. Frieda got a 6-inch Lamb Chop toy when she was a little baby.


© ElCochinoFeo / Reddit

“Today she discovered there is a jumbo version of her cuddle buddy.” And that look tells us, she wants it.

15. He got this bracelet from two of the elementary school girls.

© senji95 / Reddit

16. “Co-workers surprised me after I got sworn in as a US citizen.”


© spartangill / Imgur

17. “I bought this custom cake topper of our cats for my wedding. We married yesterday and I can finally show them off!”

© rachface636 / Reddit

18. “My daughter loves Hermione and she got a replica of Hermione’s movie wand! We gave it to her as she got ready for Halloween.”


© vulcarious / Reddit

You guys made her Halloween so much better. Have you ever been surprised by your loved ones? Have you ever been made cry happy tears? If yes, share your story with us in the comments section down below!


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