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20 Memes That Don’t Hold Back When It Comes To Roasting Karens

If you love a nice Karen roast any day of the week, you are in for a treat.

Life isn’t easy with all these Karens around us now. It can really get stressful, without their existence, you can assume how things are now with them in our world. You often see friends and family minding their own business discussing their tough lives with one another and there would always be a certain level of Karen around just trying her best to not mind her own business and absolutely ruin you for being a crybaby.

If you want to know what a real Karen tastes like, you shall go ahead and ask some retailers. They face the Karen wrath every single day. Well, we are only here to enjoy and nothing more than that. It’s a very simple process. So here’ what we are going to do today. Karens wasted no time to become one of the biggest memes this planet has ever seen. This is both metaphorically and literally.

Here are some of the sassiest memes roasting Karens exactly like a well-done steak.

1. Teach us how you do it so effortlessly.

Via u/shmeme_

2. I am just here to support, I don’t know this woman.


Via u/razydreams

3. Just an everyday thing for all the Karens of the world.


Via u/jaybailey079

4. When you are trying to be a motivational speaker and get lectured on family history and struggles.


Via u/3zior3

5. If pictures were to speak everytime you touch them.


Via u/aaandbconsulting

6. That was a straight headshot.



7. That was dumb as fook.


Via u/EpicAhmed77654

8. Imagine what happens when a Karen teaches manners. Annihilation happens.


Via u/ay-oop

9. Swish and it’s a homerun.


Via u/TTVGoosethecat123

10. Just a simple disclaimer and a sweet headsup.


Via u/starvinmarvin392

Well well well! I really don’t understand why Karens of the world behave like they always do. This whole factor of entitlement, it feels like it is embedded into their genome. All they feel is they know it all and no one should have the capacity to judge anything they say, where they can judge and do whatever the hell they want. Literally boils my blood just to think about them. Ugh! What do you guys think of Karens? I know one thing. They are a laughing stalk and we all absolutely love the memes they provide us with. So thanks, Karens.

11. What the hell just happened here? Would someone care to explain it to me?

Via u/cumdaddy01

12. It is so easy to make a Karen convert. You just need to write some random stuff on the internet and they will fall right in.


Via u/Nithin_for_you

13. Just saw a nightmare.

Via u/DavKySky

14. This Karen was upset her view was obstructed by an old car that looked ugly to her.


Via u/-megaweeniemonday

15. You removed 50% of the main ingredient and became 100% dumb.

Via u/majesticSquid

16. How dare you have good time?


Via u/chhabraarjun

17. That has got to hurt.

Via @ESchwinslow

18. Hackerman.


Via @lonzobentley

19. When Subway is sick of Karens.

Via u/IcyBriskTea

20. It’s about the principle, don’t you all understand?

Omg we finally got a Karen meme who called the manager.


Via u/BruceInc

I really hope you guys enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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