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Mother Looking For A Babysitter Posts An Insane Ad Full Of Ridiculous Requirements

You can ask any mother and she will tell you how difficult and challenging the process of parenting really is. For fathers, you cannot say it is as tough as it is on the mothers because the majority of them go to work early in the morning and return in the evening or in some cases at night while the majority of the mothers are stay-at-home moms so they have to do all their house chores as well as deal with the baby. So that clearly tells us parenting is much more challenging for mothers.

However, there are some situations in which the duties of taking care of the baby are transferred to a babysitter. This can mainly happen in two cases. First, in the case of the mother working which means she will stay busy and away from home, not being able to attend to her child. In such a case, mothers often opt for hiring a babysitter to take care of their child while she supports the house. Secondly, there can be cases in which mothers are just not able to take care of their children no matter how hard they try, the parenting process just doesn’t work for them and they have to get a babysitter in order for things to work out, otherwise, it all just remains a mess.

Today, we are going to be discussing a mother in a circumstance that made her hire a babysitter for her baby. The interesting thing about this whole event was the ad that this mother posted online looking for a babysitter.

You guys can scroll down below to read the ad and know how insane it was, and also read the comments to know the views of those who read it.

This is the babysitter ad posted by the mother.



You know exactly who this mother is looking for. Not a babysitter, she is looking for a dang slave. Just check out that conditionality program. Even the International Monetary Fund (IMF) doesn’t put such strict specifications on their debtors. Point number 12 is the most hilarious out of them all according to me. The babysitter must be willing to pay for some snacks. What is this mother on about? The babysitter is supposed to take care of the baby using the already available resources. And why can’t the babysitter have a tattoo? Will they defuse into the child’s skin? God, this really is the most insane ad I have ever read…about anything at all.

Here is what the internet had to say about this:
















At a $10 per hour wage, she expects the babysitter to do stuff that firstly she is supposed to do. The fact that she put down the specifications in such detail, she should’ve also mentioned why she needed a babysitter. Oh, and yes, that need for 9 years of experience is so specific. What if they had 7 years of experience, would it make them less of a babysitter? This mother fully deserves all the comments dissing her.

Let’s continue enjoying more comments laughing at the insanity of this babysitter ad.












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