28 Times People Shamed Employers Online For Making Absurd Requests

It is unfortunately common for bosses to make unreasonable requests to their employees while offering very low pay.

It is no secret that some bosses can be difficult to work with. They may have unreasonable expectations or make ridiculous requests of their employees. Some bosses may feel that they can get away with making unreasonable demands because they are in a position of power, and their employees have little choice but to comply. In other cases, bosses may simply be unaware of the impact that their requests are having on their employees. When employees are asked to do more than they are able to or more than they feel is fair for the pay they are receiving, they may become overwhelmed and feel like they cannot keep up with the workload. This can lead to a range of negative consequences, including decreased productivity, decreased job satisfaction and even physical and mental health problems. These requests can range from the mildly absurd to the downright outrageous. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the most ridiculous requests that employers have made.

1. “Quit my job last night, it was nice to be home to make the kids breakfast and take them to school today! Off to hunt for a new opportunity, wish me luck :)”

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2. “Boss fired me the day before my dad died. Since then, reached out twice asking for my help getting into the (corporate) social media accounts I managed. My reply to her email from last week.”


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3. This is what every boss expects his employees to say:


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4. “My friend m, who’s an artist, was asked by her boss to paint three walls as art pieces and called her cheeky when she wanted money for it”


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5. “I work for USPS. Corporate likes to send out messages almost every day to carriers. This was the message today.”


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They care so much about their workers.

6. When your boss wants you to change your reservations for work:


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7. “Restaurant that prides itself on $3/hr pay demands customers give better tips”


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8. Seems like an ad for a slave job:


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9. When the HR wants the candidates to send him a follow-up email to thank him for the interview:


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10. “my boss thinks i should skip seeing my probation officer and go to jail so he can have a day off. cause my labor is more important than my freedom. this happened like 20 minutes ago lmaooo.”


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11. The new office rule applies from today:

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12. Volunteer and get a sandwich, apply as soon as possible. The deal may end soon.


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13. “Came into work this morning to find this taped to the wall. Boss went on tirade against me and co-worker yesterday for taking to each other with no customers in the store.”

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14. Only serious people contact:


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Some employers only care about themselves. They exploit their employees by saying that this job is going to give them experience but that’s not the reality. People want experienced employees but they are not ready to pay what they deserve. Employees should learn to stand up for themselves. And, never settle for less. You deserve more than this.

15. Some bosses do not care even if their employees are tested positive for Covid:

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16. Men can also apply, make sure to have double D breasts:


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17. Job ad for front desk clerk position:


18. “My dickhead former Boss wanted me to put his wife in my short film. I…did not. He didn’t like that very much.”


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19. The restaurant want employees to get reviews or they will be fired:

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20. “2 years unpaid…in London…oh and another year of work once you’re done.”


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21. “Broke boss who didn’t pay us for 4 months asking us to work on a new project”

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22. Who is ready to work with an OCD boss?



23. “Semi Famous Rapper hiring a Personal Assistant”

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24. “My annual performance review. Well done on doing the work of two people, we want you to continue doing that as well as a few more “ideas” we want to talk about, but unfortunately we can’t give you so much as a penny more. (Management all got 10% raises and bonuses)”


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25. “Looking for an Experienced Professional to Manage All of Our Finances. Pay: $0!”

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26. Need a full-time front desk receptionist, office manager, social media manager with a college degree:



27. “$15 for a nanny with experience and education? Good luck!”


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28. “Want Content Manager with multiple years of experience, but we’ll only pay you INR 10k ($122)”

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It is important for bosses to be mindful of the impact that their requests are having on their employees and to be willing to offer fair compensation for the work that they are asking their employees. Have you ever seen an unjustified job ad? Comment down to share with us.

Enjoy the adorable cat tax:


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“Meet ‘Pie’ , this is her favourite position”


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