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18 Pets Who Are Not The Smartest Bulb In The Pack

Some pets have the weirdest logic.

I think we all know the feeling when one of our cats decides to use the box their new bed comes in rather than the comfy bed itself. I have no idea what they do this but every cat owner has somewhat become used to this sort of behaviour. However, that is not all we are here to talk about today as we have dogs and cats showing us that there isn’t always one way to reach a solution. While these solutions might not be ‘right’ in our minds, who are we to judge?

And so we have dogs getting stuck in a sofa to cats finding themself fin a precarious situation. And you know how in so many cartoons cats get stuck up a tree and a fireman has to help them down? Well, as it turns out, it can actually happen in real life as well, but it is much more hilarious. So we might get angry sometimes at our pets but usually, it is just an overall hilarious experience.

And you can see some of the funniest instances of this by scrolling below.

#1 Maybe he needed a blanket and thus he is using the bed as one.


I don’t think she understands the concept of a bed.

#2 I mean those square corners sure look comfortable and not pointy at all.


Ain’t no place more even and comfortable in the house.

#3 Her life purpose has finally been completed.


My aunt’s dog finally got her tail.

#4 When you set an ingenious trap for the birds but get stuck in the process.


#5 The smaller dog might be scarier which is usually the case.


#6 ‘Are you going to give us treats for accomplishing this?’


They used to all fit on the top of the cat tree when they were kittens. They still try though.

#7 No pet likes the Roomba or even the vacuum cleaner.

Apparently one of them turned on the new Roomba while I was sleeping upstairs.

#8 The kitty wants to choke the dog out for stealing her treats.


They were both sleeping 3 minutes ago.

#9 Who is the smarter one here? The one who can see through curtains or the other doggo?

One of our dogs is clearly smarter than the other…

If I had three wishes from a genie, one of my wishes would be to understand animals. I mean who knows what is going on in their mind when they do stuff like this? Wouldn’t it revolutionize everything and how we think about our pets?

#10 This is exactly how one uses a cat hammock or any hammock for that matter.


#11 At least the pizza box wasn’t open which would have been disastrous.

Couldn’t find my cat after I went to get my pizza. I have no idea how she got there so fast.

#12 The little floof butt couldn’t fit under the bed.


Hashbrown hasn’t completely figured out hiding yet.

#13 At least he looks comfortable being smushed by the couch.

Couldn’t find my dog anywhere until I noticed that there was something wrong with the couch.

#14 This is when the cat knew she had messed up.


#15 It is a sort of test that nobody could ever win.

He insists on giving you his paw to hold, then makes this face when you hold it.

#16 Why even bother with anything but a box?


I bought him a new house. He made himself at home…

#17 ‘So are you gonna get me out of this or not?’

My dog got stuck in the arm of a coat. I couldn’t stop laughing.

#18 ‘Where has all the ice cream gone?’


What does your pet do that you find hilarious? Why not share their antics with us in the comments below?


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