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16 Pets Who Won’t Let Their Owners Have A Moment of Peace

Your life is a roller coaster ride with a pet.

Pets have a playful and mischievous nature. You might not be expecting something from your pet and they would surprise you with something new. Your cat would pee on the floor and you will know it when you will slip on the floor and have to take a new shower. You will lock your cat in the bathroom, thinking that it will at least let you make lunch without making any mess but a new surprise would be waiting for you in the bathroom. Forget about peace and personal space if you are deciding to adopt a pet. Your pets do not care about personal space; all they want is your attention. Today, we have 16 pets who would not let their owners have a moment of peace. We are sure, they will make you laugh. Scroll down and enjoy!

1. When your puppy can never leave you alone:


© seriouslymytenth / reddit

“Get a puppy they said. You won’t be so alone during quarantine they said. They were right…”

2. When it is work from home and you own a cat:


© Jaynesharp/ twitter

3. When you are ready to leave for work and your doggo does this to you:


© kittenkaboodle17 / reddit

4. “I tried to leave early for work this morning but Mulder had other ideas…”


© kornoholic13 / reddit

When nothing can stop your owner from to work, just get into the mud. It works like magic.

5. A kitty who treats her owner like a baby:


© summersun21 / imgur

6. When it is morning and your parents are still sleeping:


© summersun21 / imgur

7. The curious cat:

© summersun21 / imgur

8. This is the only reason she stopped doing yoga:


© cats_never_die / reddit

What a trauma!! We can imagine what this poor lady must have gone through. How helpless she must have been feeling! She can’t leave her pose and stop the catto. Cats are unpredictable. One minute, they are the sweetest. And the other minute, they are the opposite. We told you before, it is a roller coaster ride with pets. If you have a pet, get ready for the unexpected at every moment.

9. When you are reading the newspaper and your bunny wants your attention:

© genus / imgur

10. Mom, I didn’t break it. It just exploded.


© zzz57123 / reddit

11. Mom, it’s okay if you slipped and had to take a new shower:

© CreatrixAnima / reddit

12. “Locked my cat in the bathroom while I made a meal because he was being annoying. Revenge was had.”


© GreyGhostPhoto / reddit

Will you ever dare to lock me in the bathroom again?

13. “Not remotely sorry”

© IHaeTypos / reddit

He is so proud of what he did.

14. “This ones for the Big Dog lovers. This is Lincoln, and he’s bigger than my wife.”


© SoftMute / reddit

Big hugs from a big doggo.

15. This is what you should do when your cat does not let you work:

© antogold /twitter

16. When he loves the belly rubs and does not want you to stop:

Does your pet let you have a moment of peace or you are always on the go with your pet? How has your pet changed your life? Share your experience with us in the comments down below. Don’t forget to let us know which of the pets from our list made you laugh today!!

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