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10+ Photos Of Cats Smiling That Will Make Your Day

There is no concept of “smiling” in cats.

It’s not that they can’t smile, they can. Their facial muscles are capable of forming a smile, but the smile is emotionless. If you see a cat “smiling,” it has nothing to do with happiness. They are probably squinting their eyes and smiling to smell the air better. That is a bummer, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t look adorable while smiling.


So, let’s deceive ourselves for a while and think that cats really are happy when they smile. Look at these adorable creatures, they deserve all the reasons to smile! So we’re here to make your day with pictures of cats that are smiling.

Scroll down below for your daily dose of cuteness:

1. All cuddled up!

Source: CryptarchGurl/Imgur

2. Enjoying the sun.

Source: tinternettime/Reddit

3. She seems pleased.

Source: CryptarchGurl/Imgur

4. Nighty night.

Source: Zombieddy/Reddit

5. So pretty!

Source: basedonair/Reddit

6. Happy.

Source: Cynaster/Reddit

7. Crazy eyes.

Source: Mnphillips/Imgur

8. Very photogenic.

Source: Pinterest

9. Playtime.

Source: thethriftywalrus/Reddit

10. Meeting after 6 weeks.

Source: Parowax/Reddit

Cats rarely smile, so you’re lucky if you caught it on camera! I have a pair of Persian cats, and I have never seen them smile even once. Knowing how grumpy they can be, it can be a miracle if I see them smile, let alone catch it on camera!

11. Naughty.

Source: Damocles15/Reddit

12. Cosy on the rug.

Source: agreydawn/Reddit

13. Looks like a well-mannered cat.

Source: godchode/Reddit

14. Won’t let you work.

Source: Snugglbnny

15. Loving the attention.

Source: UnStoppableWho_/Reddit

16. Practising for an ID photo.

Source: TrappaTroopa/Reddit

17. Naptime.

Source: booya113/Reddit

18. Family.

Source: httpher/Reddit

19. Shes laughing?!

Source: ChazaySSB/Reddit

20. Calm kitty.

Source: phetnym/Reddit

Have you ever caught your kitty smiling? Share with us in the comments below!


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