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This Cop Rescued A Kitten From Dumpster And Now They Fight Crime Together

Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear a police uniform!

That’s right. A Police Officer named Cody Garrett from South Carolina rescued and later teamed up with the most fierce creature known to man—a smol kitten.


Apparently, it all dates back to that one rainy night when Garret returned to the station and found that some officers had just rescued a kitten from the dumpster. They had rescued the kitten just in time as there was a flash flood in the area which could’ve easily filled the dumpster. The rescuers had done a great job by bringing the kitten to the station. Now, the question was what to do with her?

The cops who had rescued the little furball couldn’t take her home, so Garret happily volunteered. From that day on, the two have been inseparable.

Garret brought her home and named her Tabby Squirt.

He gave her the love she deserved. The best part was that everything was perfectly timed. When Tabby came home, Garret’s other cat, Toothless (who has teeth, relax), had just given birth and was nursing her newborns.

So, when Garrett introduced Tabby to Toothless, she immediately accepted her and loved her like her own.

It wasn’t long before Tabby became good friends with her siblings

She’d play with them the whole day and then snuggle up with them to take naps. Slowly, everyone in the house grew fond of Tabby and that’s when Garrett knew he had to take it to the next level. So, using the power of social media Garrett was able to win the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people!

Using one of the famous filters, Garrett took an iconic photo with Squirt on his shoulder that went viral!

After Tabby started showing up to work with Garrett, she was also given an honory status of police-officer. How cool is that? While Garrett found himself a really cool companion, it wasn’t the first time he had rescued an animal.

Just before he met Tabby, Garrett had adopted a blind Dachshund that he found in the streets.

Garrett has always been a true hero as he rescued animals multiple times. One time when he found puppies who needed to be taken care of, he rehomed them by finding them a loving family.

While Garrett has always been loving and kind towards animals, his relation with Tabby is the most special.

When he got a little active on social media, people absolutely fell in love with him and Tabby! This gave him a head-start in a career he was not expecting. With hundreds of thousands of fans all around the globe, Garrett decided to retire from the force and start his Youtube Channel.

He expressed his love for Tabby in an appreciation post on Instagram.

While the fans definitely miss seeing the cop duo in action, they love them just as much and even more as there is new content to see almost every day!

Here’s a cute video about Squirt that everyone needs to see:

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