50 Dogs That Will Make You Question “What’s Wrong With Your Dog?”

Malfunctioning dogs can calm your soul.

We knew it’s a very big and a very bold claim to make and we could be offending a lot of Karens and Jeffs of the world but we have got solid backing behind our “bold claim”. First up, anything related to dogs in itself means that it is bound to be good, be it a discussion, a compiled slideshow of them being themselves, anything dogs is all joy and fun. That’s an established fact and we hope we are on the same page with that. Next, if you just want all your stresses to leave you and have them go back to where they came from, a special section of dog content is the one for you. There’s a very famous subreddit known as What’s Wrong With Your Dog? where you will absorb purity like none other.


This community of 1,300,000 was formed on 10th August 2015 and its sole purpose has been the same ever since; to grace our eyes with their dogs “malfunctioning” and the results will make you laugh so hard. So much so, that we are willing to place a bet on it.

Scroll down below to enjoy and answer the simple question, what is wrong with their dogs?

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1. Here’s what happens when you try to crate train your dog. They will kick out the floor and turtle their way around the house.

Did you really think crate and training go side-by-side? Ain’t no dog training to be in an obstacle obstructing is from endless fun.

Via nomad_nessie

2. Yup, you’re perfectly camouflaged. They’ve got no chance.


This looks so weird on so many levels.

Via IAmHereFor_AMC_GMEReport


Via alfphonse

4. When your only obsession is right there in front of you, the fluff!


Via gr_otesque

5. I am sorry but is that some new yoga technique that I am unaware of? God, I need to catch up!


It must be yoga…right?…

Via Scrolf

6. This is Ozzy and he does mind operating like normal dogs.


What can I say, the whole concept of free will was boosted by our very own selves, so gotta deal with it.

Via Daegoba

7. How to make your broken dog look cool.


Via whanache

8. Mr. Nasty over here is fully immersed in the Christmas vibes! We will let you continue constructing that masterpiece, sire!


Nasty was this user’s dad’s childhood dog! Pretty sure your Dad had a blast!

Via Bnlalala

9. This person has been working on their Mallet mid-project. And their dog suddenly decided that this exact project is now its favorite thing to play with.


All the toys in the world and you still choose this? Dogs!

Via acampio2

10. I just ate a blimmin’ spicy sky raisin. Am I officially classified as cool now?


Fine, you can apply for the certificate!

Via sissarowroe

11. This goofball always makes a super sad face whenever he isn’t allowed to sit on his owner’s lap while they drive.

I think that highly stretchable skin adds more to the sad expression, making them look even cuter when they get sad.

Via pupsaurus

12. A sensation to satisfy and corrupt your software at the same time.


That’s exactly how I react to it as well.

Via thason

13. This family was told, at the time of adoption, that this cutie is super shy and won’t enjoy having humans around it. This is what they wake up to every single day.

Advertisement by UDM

This is so cute!

Via pupsaurus

14. When the nail clippers come out.


Not so fast, Mojo Jojo.

Via Unessse

15. When your family goes a little too Christmasy on you.

There’s always that one child in every family targetted by such absurdness every year. If you know, you know!

Via SystemLog

16. When you require a system reboot midway through your 5 a.m. walk.


When you forget to turn on privacy settings after downloaded a pirated file.

Via Skooterthedog

17. Their owner had separate crates for the two dogs but they always shared one so she decided to sell the other one. The dogs when started fighting over space so she got them a new crate to live separately and this is how they were 2 days after the purchase.

It’s a sibling thing, you wouldn’t understand.

Via threedogcircus

18. We all have our preferred ways of naping but this one…


Via keplerk2

19. Malfunctioning made me do it!

Via Charlietd76

20. Meet Lore who has been working on his hole for years. By his looks, I believe he is finally satisfied with it.


The connection between him and his project really shows.

Via greymatter313

21. Hey Mom, if you thought me curling up on the cat pedestal was weird, check this out!

Doggo, are you okay?

Via jnich2424

22. I am a triangle now!


Via blerple

23. I think this dog requires a software update because he’s got “comfort” all wrong.

Via Scott_96

24. When you live with cats.

Via cooperchronicles

25. You don’t need that book anymore, Dad! We’re good.

Why waste your time on a book telling you how to raise a pup when you can spend that time actually raising the pup.

Via YoBuckStopsHere

This is so much fun to watch. And I hope you guys are enjoying it as much as I did compile these for you. Trust me, if I were a dog owner I would install a camera in every part of my house and just keep them running forever.

Let’s look at some more malfunctioning dogs. Scroll down below to continue!

26. I am pretty sure there must be a very logical reason behind this.


Via meow_UWU_meow

27. The view > Hooman!


Ain’t no one being prioritized over a nice view!

Via anne_c_rose

28. Ball is life!

Via hashtag-science

29. This little pup loves staring at his owner working in the basement office and creeps the hell out of him every time he notices.


It’s a prank bro!

Via patchoulius

30. When your excited ass was expected chicken or pork but end up with some dry salad to force down that throat!

The doggo does not look amused at all.

Via Zumioo

31. Instruction manual: “You need to build the border collie and then press start”

Via Scholar_Mental

32. Did we all just witness a dog doing splits?


I have seen it all!

Via ceejay5303

33. When you see your friend after a really long time.

Via IndividualAnalysis3

34. This is the spice queen Maddie! She ate a portion of 3 Habanero peppers and a full Hot Pepper. When her mummy contacted the vet, the doctor told them it’s going to be a tough night for all.

Via ermarie73

35. How to present your butthole in 101 unique ways.


Via damon_021

36. This human came home from work realized his Labra has grown another head out of her butt.

This image is messing with my head.

Via Coldreign

37. Caught red pawwed snacking on daddy’s “veef-verger”

Via aframe9999

38. I want to break free!

Clearly the care net is not for this one!


Via ZakkH

39. When a dog spots a camera.

They take “center of attention” very seriously!

Via SerotoninSupplier

40. This little cutie loves sitting with his sister and watches her type whenever she writes a paper for school. I love this weirdo!

Via WhiskeyHeartOn

41. This is how he slept throughout the ride back home after spending his first day at doggy daycare.


Via kylapz

42. “This fool was eating a bag of raw flour and is now shocked that his mouth is full of dough.”

Looks like a heavy-duty cocaine experience to me.

Via port-gir

43. When you’re getting that glam on and suddenly hear the bag of treats open.

Via Lord_Crumpleton

44. So everything I studied about bones and joints was a lie?


Via polegurl

45. “This little lady wasn’t even ours. She jumped into our boat from another. She got Trevor to rub her belly and me to give up my captain’s hat in under a minute.”

Who doesn’t love dogs?!?

Via SpiritualLychee3760

46. Dogs play catch like their life depends on it.

Via HamEdits95

47. “This is the ridiculous face Pepper makes after getting peanut better.”


Mission accomplished!

Via ChemicalWeather

48. When that booty requires rest.

Via Emptydata_Enzo

49. This is Albert. He is weird. I like weird.

Via Zaraki42

50. Don’t you dare tell other dogs I sit like this.


So how are those stress levels now? Told ya! Share your thoughts and feelings in the comments section down below!


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