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19 Pics Reminding Us That the Universe Has A Lot Of Surprises


We don’t necessarily need people to surprise us with things. Sometimes when we least expect it, nature has its unique ways to surprise us, humans, as well. Not only are they unique, but also quite strange. Whether it is genetics or just natural causes that bring about incredible changes, they never fail to impress us and amuse us! That makes us wonder how these things came about the way they are.


Whether it may be a cave waiting to be explored in nature itself or some beautiful changes to the beings that just amazes us as to how the world works and how we all vary in the tiniest things, with so many differences in appearance for instance. Here are a few pictures compiled to show you evidence of things right in front of us!

Scroll down and check them out!

1. This just looks like one of the scenic drop-dead gorgeous nature shots of the Amazon forest until you look at it closer.

Via © iac0bus / reddit

“The view at the top…of a wooden fence post.”

2. That rather created a surreal landscape even after the destruction that occurred.

Via © johnwick369 / reddit

“The way these stones look elevated after sand was washed away by the rain”

3. The tomato has started sprouting, looks more like in-grown hairs.

Via © JerichoRevival / reddit

“The seeds inside of my tomato have started to grow.”

4. In the outskirts of the world, there is a sand village ready to get populated with tiny living beings.

Via © speedysaltboy / reddit

“This small village is made completely out of the sand and it’s on a stump in the middle of nowhere.”

5. A couple more sets of paws is just as perfect as a normal set of paws.

Via © ChunkyBlowfish / reddit

“My kitten showing off her polydactyl toe beans”

6. The leaves only grow in areas where there is light for photosynthesis.

Via © goodcase / reddit

“This tree has lost its leaves everywhere except where the light from the street light reaches.”

7. This mushroom is the size of a baby whale! It is insanely huge!!!

Via © permalink1 / reddit

“This 11-lb mushroom from my parent’s backyard.”

8. The more the toes, the better surface area to cover!

Via © SayianPrincess19 / reddit

“I keep posting my new baby everywhere because I’m just too proud of him! He is polydactyl like his mom!”

9. Looks like peaks of sand in the Sahara desert.

Via © The-devils-usb / reddit

“The way the mud froze on my truck looks like a painting of the forest.”

It’s a little too hard to believe that any of these are real! But nature does have a way of being extremely artistic so it’s not completely impossible that such things can happen out of the blue. These are so amazing that we thought the more the merrier! Keep scrolling for more of nature’s artwork.

10. The frog is camouflaged into the plant.

Via © Cookiedestryr / reddit

“Found a frog in the center of my mass cane!”

11. The timelapse recorded of the decaying lemon is just surreal, the folds and change of color!

Via © RawlingCreations / reddit

12. When we say that the perfect image does not exist, just to see that it does.

Via © xAditya17x / reddit

“This picture isn’t edited. This was the result of perfect timing with the lightning. My friend accidentally took this.”

13. The Expectations vs. Reality debate fits this perfectly.

Via © Nathan-Cola / reddit

“My youngest chicken laid this tiny egg.” It is the effort that went to it rather than the size of the egg.

14. The colorful chameleon just cannot be spotted.

Via © PickYourPoison2020 / reddit

“This chameleon blends in with a chameleon puzzle.”

15. This would be such an insanely drop-dead gorgeous view to experience.

Via © jimbowild / reddit

“The aura was so bright, I took this just holding my phone in my hands.”

16. The dog should be auctioned for the latest Air Jordan special edition doggos! Just Kidding, dogs are not for auctions.

Via © Sha489 / reddit

“My dog’s back kinda looks like the Air Jordan jumping man logo.”

17. This man just caught the shiniest lobster.

Via © JonasGangsta / reddit

18. The shadow is just too elongated!

Via © criticalalpha / reddit

“I cast a very long shadow at sunset near Hatteras, North Carolina.”

19. The extra set of paws is just too cute to look at!

Via © sobraticmethod / reddit

“Got my cat wholesale and he came with 75% extra beans.”

Have you ever been vigilant enough to notice the world calling on the tiny things that are oftentimes left unnoticed if they aren’t so obvious? It’s hard to imagine what we might have missed out on! What do you think of these? Have you seen something odd yet unique in nature? Let us know in the comments section below.


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