40 Problems Mothers Face In Today’s Modern World

Modernism comes with its issues, even for moms.

“Moms are the most patient women in the world and they can resolve any issue with ease”. I am sure you guys must’ve heard this statement at least once in your life. You’d be lying if you haven’t because this is the stereotype the whole world has created about mothers. That they are the calmest species on this planet and they don’t have a saturation point at all. This means, no matter what situation you put a mother in, she will come out of it like a champion, without any stress or exhaustion. I am sorry but whoever created this stereotype and is still maintaining it is a very dumb person. The truth is, believe it or not, mothers have issues, and quite a lot of them.

Being a mother is like working a full-time job, putting in overtime every day, and not getting paid at all. And they don’t scream for a reward because they know they have to honor their responsibilities, that’s what good mothers do.

With the amount of work these women do, there should be a community made specifically for them where they can go, chill for a bit, and reflect on the problems they all face altogether. Good news, there is one. There’s an Instagram page known as “Modern Mom Probs” that shared all sorts of issues that mothers face throughout their lifetime. The page contains experiences shared by real mothers themselves, s this is as accurate as it gets.

Today we will be acknowledging the hard work and efforts mothers put in, by going through this compilation of all the problems that mothers face in this modern world. Scroll down below to enjoy!

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1. This toddler’s problems are bigger than a country’s that is going to default.

2. The only person that their son decided to listen to was a friend he recently made.


3. How to not upset your child but still do what you wish.


4. Said every mother ever.


5. The cycle continues on and on.


6. How could that house be so peaceful with that many kids in it?


7. A harsh but very truthful fact.


8. What a downgrade!


9. Definitely not normal. It is always the parking situation that gets you.


10. Never more than 10 seconds.


11. I am noting this down in my diary.

12. Every living species has that 4th shower.


13. This is an inspiring statement that we must all take motivation from.

14. I am so going to try this with my children when I become a parent.


15. If this isn’t the truth, I don’t know what is.

16. Your friend only stated pure facts.


17. It is very important to give them the required privacy in that moment.

18. Every mother at 6 a.m. in the morning when her kid decides to wake her up.


19. True happiness.

20. The 6-year-old knows so much better.


I don’t think I need to say this but I have immense respect for all the mothers of the world for the efforts they make and the stress they go through. I can understand the purpose of this community, the whole idea is to share the problems and that is why the mothers are opening if. If you ever go see one in person and ask her if she is facing any challenges since she became a mother and you will always hear a confident “no”. That’s who they are and I love them for that.

Scroll down to go through some more problems that all mothers face.

21. And these must all be separate weeks.

22. How to trick a child 101.


23. Sorry Maam, even the villagers have now given up.

24. I am not crying, you are.


This one really did come out of nowhere.

25. All children must realize these realities sooner or later.

26. Improvisation at its peak.


27. I don’t think this kid is 9, he is 90.


28. I think every adult can relate to this.

29. No one knows how this happens but it does.


30. The award for the most accurate answer goes to…

31. Nothing but the real truth.

32. When the kid sleeps in the daylight and you get to do the same.


33. It ts the memories that make the magic.

34. I think I need to make this mother my life coach.

35. A blissful moment.


36. Life revolves around getting the pancake mix right.

37. Where is my notebook?

38. How quickly life habits change…


39. Let them be innocent, it doesn’t last for too long.

40. Literally anything!

I hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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