50 Random Yet Bizarre Facts To Bump Up Your Knowledge

The more you know the better.

When we process raw data, the results get converted into information. This information can be wrong because the raw data it basis on could also be wrong. We can interpret this information in any way and that interpretation, as a result then, could also be wrong. So we have to be very careful when we are dealing with information and adding it to our knowledge because it could be incorrect and we could potentially waste important space in our brain by holding onto wrong information. But when it comes to a fact, that is something wrong solid, with a strong backing force behind it proving that the particular fact is correct, robust, and accurate. Facts are also based on raw data but that data is correct. So we can conclude that a fact is also a piece of information but it is always correct and accurate.


Expanding your knowledge by knowing new and unique facts is what I prefer and I am sure many of you do as well. And no matter how random this information is, it is truthful and deserves to be known. So today our sole purpose is to present you guys with new, random, and truthful facts that you had no idea about.

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1. He must be so glad he made that choice.

2. Good people still exist.


3. Anything for the children, even life.


4. So mesmerizing.


5. Japanese are so thoughtful.


6. Finland, you are so sweet.


7. Keanu is not from around here.


8. The burglar picked the wrong house.


9. And given how similarly they behave to humans, this tells a lot.


10. The true respect all stray cats deserve.


11. Woah, this blew my mind.

12. The world could’ve been so nicer had this happened.


13. He was only 15 back then and acted so maturely.

14. Why don’t these pods exist everywhere?


15. Good decisions result in good memories.

16. Don’t step into those waters until you are sure you want to.


17. Rightfully said, sir.

18. The day we understand this, we are good to go.


19. I didn’t expect the box to be that big. Finland, you are crazy good.

20. That is how you deal with them.


21. This woman has seen a lot.

22. Look how the tables have turned.


23. I did not know this.

24. I need to move to Cluj.

25. I don’t have a strong enough brain to do that.

I feel enlightened and now consider myself officially more knowledgeable than that one student in my middle school who literally knew about everything. Not anymore, kid. I have the high ground.

On a real note though, I like these facts. It is always good to know more. And if that “more” is accurate, there’s no harm in adding it to your knowledge. What are your thoughts on this? I would love to hear from you guys, the comments section is your stage.

Time to deep dive back into the ocean of facts you previously did not know existed before. Scroll down to continue!

26. This is insane!


27. I think the message is loud and clear.


28. Named quite accurately.

29. I refuse to believe this.


30. The focus was on all the wrong things.

31. The rise of the dead.

32. There probably is a bounty on the businessman’s head too by now.


33. They worked together and they all survived.

34. This is true love.

35. All its owl-ness gets taken away.


36. Well, that’s one way of doing it.

37. I didn’t know owls were this weird.

38. A lesson for all.


39. He is the ultimate survivor.

40. Why doesn’t this shock me?

41. Bill Gates was the devil and the angel at the same time that day.


42. A lawsuit against God?

43. I think all countries need to adopt this policy.

44. That didn’t go too well for the author.


45. You picked the wrong hair salon, dude.

46. Should we be worried?

47. Oh dear…


48. Weirdness at its utmost peak.

49. I must hold a billion dollars in my hand right now. But how do I get it?

50. Heroism requires bravery.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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Cat tax.

“This is my quarantine cat, Ahsoka, I adopted her to help manage her anxiety and prevent her from going to the humane society. I was told she would hide all day and generally avoid people. After about 3 hours of being at my place, I felt a tapping on my arm.”


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