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Resident Wants To Enforce A Neighborhood Dress Code To Increase Property Value, Gets Slammed

When people are buying a property; all they care about is the amenities that they would get.

There are several factors that increase the property value. Some of these include security, ideal location, and an interactive community lifestyle etc. If a property does not have any amenities, no one would buy it. Some people these days think that adding literally anything to a property would eventually increase the property’s value. But that is not the case. If it is of no use, no one would buy it. A man shared a screenshot where a resident of their neighborhood thinks that enforcing a dress code would have a positive impact on the property’s value and the property’s value would skyrocket in the next 12 to 19 months. People found it funny and started slamming this person online. Scroll down to have a look at these people shaming this resident.

1. This person thinks that implementing a dress code might increase the property’s values:

Image credits: sushil_js

2. Who would pay more just to follow a dress code for the rest of their lives?


Image credits: cliothemuse

3. No one wants to live in a neighborhood full of people living with a dress code:


Image credits: hardwarehuman

4. When a real estate agent asks you to dress more appropriately:


Image credits: Allisonmward

5. Here is one of the benefits of implementing a dress code in the neighborhood:


Image credits: szetoinsitu

6. Sounds like the lady has been living with strict rules and regulations in her home:


Image credits: Coach_kcb

7. If you are a woman, you can’t go to the pool wearing a two-piece:


Image credits: goblue43729

8. We have another great idea that will increase the property value:


Image credits: jfurf

9. A person who comes with a dress code idea must have been very popular in the neighborhood:


Image credits: PAirbender

10. Sounds like the dress code idea came because this person was always seen in the same sweater:


Image credits: jelesuis123

11. People who have authoritarian personality types:

Image credits: MutualAidReport

12. Can you imagine what it would look like?


Image credits: georgeb91

It is such a ridiculous thought to pay for a property just to follow a dress code for the rest of your life. No one wants to follow rules and regulations. Scroll down to read what other people have to say.

13. The dress code idea would not increase the property’s value, instead, it would decrease the property’s value:

Image credits: abelincoln__

14. When you have to follow a strict dress code at your school:


Image credits: schwarzinexile

15. This woman wants to turn her adult life into an extension of high school:

Image credits: samclifford

16. When in Europe, you can’t wear beach clothes:


Image credits: SnackySquash

17. They are talking about what you can and can not wear on your own property:

Image credits: Daddysdelights

18. Is there anyone who would like to guess?


Image credits: finnsta667

19. What the idea of an acceptable dress code is according to OP:

Image credits: Alun_B

20. Is this what you mean by an acceptable dress code?


Image credits: Asher_Wolf

21. When you want to join the zoom call:

Image credits: KirstyWebeck

22. The only person who wants to support this dress code:


Image credits: Sleepyweezul

23. When you are all dressed up for the dress code meeting:

Image credits: mistortewdee

24. We are down for this dress code if silly hats are mandated:


Image credits: juliebwicz

25. What they really mean by dress code:

Image credits: limeademouth

Would you ever buy a property where you will be required to follow a strict dress code for the rest of your life? Comment down below to share your opinion.


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