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20 Shameless Cats That Don’t Care About ‘Stupid’ Humans Rules

All the cat owners and lovers may have realized by now that cats are the ones who own us, it’s definitely not the other way around. You may think you are training your cat or setting rules for them to follow, and that they might actually do it. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong about it. You can set up rules for the entire world, including animals such as dogs but cats would most definitely not be in the list of rule followers.


Our cute little feline friends are known to be the bosses. These tiny rebels would rather challenge your rules than follow them blindly. And we? We can’t even complain because they are just too darn adorable to resist. Even when they are being shameless and not even feeling bad about being so. It’s actually impossible to get mad at their adorable face! It might even bring a smile to your face or make your day brighter than usual.

Considering how badly we all need some happiness, we’ve gathered up some adorable pictures of cats making their own rules and living their lives. Try controlling your emotions.

1. Walking on the table is strictly forbidden.

How about walking on the dumplings. You never said anything about that now, did you human.

2. Did this cat come from a parallel universe?


I thought cats hate water! This one however, seems to be having the time of her life.

3. Hearts everywhere!


*heart eyes*

4. Needed another angle to keep an eye on the hooman people.


5. My brain is malfunctioning.


6. One Cattini please. On the rocks.


7. Who says you need to be able to reach the paddles to ride a bike?


8. I need this flower in my garden.


9. No regrets whatsoever!


10. When your cat is best friends with the demon


He is bound to appear some day. Now you run.

11. Cat-ception

When you think you only have one cat but you actually have two.

12. New level of laziness = unlocked


13. These two cats don’t really care about the dangers of living on the edge

That too, just for a bird.

14. Get in, loser.


We’re going shopping

15. Oh, so you got new boots?

For us. Not just for yourself.

16. Is the cat hunting the rat or is the rat hunting the cat?


17. Why do we even bother?

18. “Actually, this dog is mine.”


Cats now own humans AND dogs.

19. It’s been a long night.


20. Carry me around, my slave.


That’s.. a very long cat.

is it a snake? Is it a cat? We will never know.

Sadly, we have reached the end. We still can’t get enough of these unruly cats, can you? Let us know in the comments section below which one was your favorite. Don’t forget to share pictures of your own pets being bossy yet cute AF.


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