30 Spoilt Individuals Who Made The Most Ridiculous Demands On Their Birthdays

Birthdays are for self-reflection, not for making dumb demands.

If there is a day every person is anxiously waiting for the whole year, it’s their birthday. It’s the day you came to the planet so you want it to go really well as you consider it “your day”. Back in the days when I was a kid, birthdays used to be about what gifts I will be getting, what sort of cake my parents get me, and all sorts of other cute things like that. Now, for me, my birthday is a day when I reflect on how things went the past year, I spend quality time with my parents, have nice food with my friends, and just have a nice time. Things change when you grow up. I have stopped believing that birthdays are days when you get to demand and make stupid wishes. No, it’s the day to spend quality time, not to spend money. If there is anything that has remained the same for me on my birthdays, it’s the excitement for the cake to be cut in the evening. No one can change that.

Unfortunately, though, not everyone gets the idea of a perfect birthday. There still exist people who make use of their birthdays to exploit. They don’t behave in a serene way, rather they bring out their worst. It’s basically the greed and entitlement that heavily takes over. I am talking about people who think that just because it is their birthday, they are entitled to make any demands. A similar concept to “choosing beggars” but on a specific day and date. Let’s take you right into this.

Today we will be taking a look at birthday boys and girls making ridiculous demands on their birthdays. Scroll down below to check out their audacities.

1. This is how you deal with a choosing beggar trying to use their birthday as a tool for freebies.

Via II-I-Hulk-I-II

2. Who do you think you should be giving this birthday card to on their next one?


Via MyMemesAreGold

3. Someone was going to fall into the trap but the day was saved.


Via TheFartingKing_56

4. Oof, the entitlement on this one is off the charts.


Via TheScarletJones

5. My guy actually had to tag people in a second attempt to get the money. This is hilarious.


Via ItaSchlongburger

6. Why does this sound like those stupid tv ads?


Via pumpkab0o

7. This person ended their friendship because their friend didn’t pay them enough money on their birthday. Wow!


Via UltimateSkull99

8. He started a GoFundMe to finance a trip to Vegas.


Via leo21lan

9. Would you like a ribbon on it?


Via bloodydickens

10. I am sure everyone would’ve skipped the post after reading “my humble beginning of fabulousness”.



11. He ruined his daughter’s birthday and blamed it on a stranger.

Via nitiddesigns

12. You will understand the importance of those emojis…one day you will.


Via blowing_ropes

13. Oh my god what’s with this go fund me trend? These people need to be reported.

Via wonderbooty91

14. He put his birthday cake up for sale because he didn’t like how it looked.


Via ThatWasCool

15. Got told.

Via Total_Trash_Baby

These posts are so infuriating and we have half more to go. Oh my god, how can people be so selfish? That Range Rover guy, first of all, his girlfriend needs to leave him. And second of all, he didn’t like the cake and had the audacity to not throw the thing away but to attempt to make money out of it. This is hilarious and disappointing at the same time. And then it’s the choosing beggars. My god, what is wrong with these people? I am so mad right now.

But at the same time, the way they all get told at the end makes me laugh and want to go through more posts.

16. I wouldn’t have bothered replying to that first text. Straight block.


Via eddrriley

17. They made a list of things they want the guests to bring on their birthday party.

Via tahu227

18. You just have to say no and then no again and enjoy them burning down to their core.


Via DosoXD

19. Etiquette for the birthday.

Via inevitableanxiety

20. This person had me dying at the “preferably free” part.


Via -Sc077

21. Why are they making demands on public social media posts?

Via PureHarmony

22. A little joke bothered this person THIS MUCH.


Via infanteater1

23. I would happily take it if you don’t want it.

Via djxcape

24. They got salty their friends didn’t do anything special for their birthday.


Via CyborgKnitter

25. He had no chills.


26. I don’t want to laugh at this but how can you not laugh at this?


Via Redwood21

27. This is the confidence I require in my life.

Via xkrax17

28. Person thought he turns into President on his birthday.

Via Quirkless555

29. So delusional.


Via OkBandicoot2958

30. A $20,000 go fund me to fly on a private jet for his birthday.

Via Quirkless555

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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