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23 Interview Stories That Were Super Unexpected And Weird

Job interviews give everyone butterflies, even the ones taking the interview.

Job interviews are a big thing for the interviewee. You feel a mixture of excitement as well as anxiousness as you prepare yourself for your big day. Generally, any person preparing for a job interview would get themselves ready for scenario-based questions, questions related to their field, and some general knowledge questions to face the curve ball. And of course, you have to dress up for the occasion so ideally, you would want to wear your best, most formal 2-piece suit to charm your interviewer and build a strong first impression. After all, it is all about the first impression. All you are left with to do is keep strong control over the butterflies of anxiety and excitement flying in your stomach.

The reality, however, can be slightly different. No matter how hard and well you prepare for a job interview, a lot of the outcome also depends on the person interviewing you. If they are a mean person or not in a good mood that day, no matter how professional and accurately you answer all those questions, they will always find a way to tip you off-balance with the weirdest and unexpected response or question that will confuse you and your entire confidence will plummet. And the opposite can happen too. The person being interviewed may come up with stuff you, as a person taking the interview, may have never heard before. A new experience for everyone.

Our today’s focus is going to be exactly on those unexpected and weird interviews. Here are 23 weird interview stories shared by people from around the world.

1. Please forward me their email, I hope they hire Leos.

Via alaina_ok

2. I know it was a weird interview but I hope you said yes to the sweets request.


Via juliegagi

3. Her sole purpose for getting the job was to show her ex-boyfriends she made it.


Via lovelanguage_sarcasm

4. I was going to call this straight BS until I read the “not joking”. It felt like “based on a true story’.


Via Turko_the_Fair

5. Imagine the amount of TikToks she would’ve regretted making at that moment.


Via zabuivchivaya

6. I mean they are degrees and she ain’t wrong.


Via Nebazanas

7. I want to know if this person got hired or not.


Via DmitriSychikov

8. I wondered how he decided that after only answering three questions. Was it the interviewer’s accent? We will never know.


Via blinpolin12

9. Maybe he was exiting the metro to show up at another job interview.


Via Inga_Kudracheva

10. If I was the person who gave that test, I would be so infuriated.


Via __princesskenny

11. Proud of that security guy for sticking his ground and doing his job.

Via bruno_gelb

These interview stories truly are something else. I mean, I really don’t want to laugh at the misery of those people part of the interview processes on those unlucky days, but these experiences really are hilarious. I just hope I am never part of such an experience, I am happy with enjoying them on the internet. Damn, we are so evil.

Okay, I will be nice and pray that all those who are soon going to appear for their job interviews succeed with flying colors. Till then, let’s just laugh at those who had the weirdest interviews.

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12. Who doesn’t work for the money?


Via Wizard_Severus

13. My guys literally decided the salary based on a natal chart.

Via djeylam

14. I think they didn’t know an interview was going on.


Via beta_juiletta

15. One question that decides it all.

Via almost_bergman

16. Why can’t all interviews be this cute?


Via Lagavulin

17. I hope he didn’t say he likes to cook just to add more words to the answer.

Via Turko_the_Fair

18. This can’t be real.


Via Inga_Kudracheva

19. Looks like they don’t like having a good conversation…and they have terrible reviews online.

Via TeslaCat

20. You could’ve simply asked…


Via Olga_Vryadli

21. Always remember to be kind to everyone…you never know if one of those people may turn out to be your future boss.

Via Vipman84

22. If I was the boss, I would’ve liked that guy.


Via la_marygold

23. That is one way of getting their attention.

Via Yoghikitt

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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