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30 Hilarious Dog Dating Profile Pictures That Will Make Everyone Swipe Right

Dogs have taken over the dating websites to secure love.

And why shouldn’t they? Technology and interwebs were introduced to make life easy for everyone. Everything now can be done from the palm of your hand, or toes of your paw in this case. Well, we are heavily familiar with the fact that finding love is not an easy task at all. There are so many complexities attached to it. Ethnicity, which includes cultures, traditions, and religions, personality, likings, disliking, looks, attitude, behavior, and the list goes on and on. That’s where dating apps try to help us where you can put in your profile picture and some important information and people can easily filter out people who they want to hit up and who they don’t. Saves you a lot of gas money that’s for sure.


You know, things are pretty similar for our good boys doggos as well. Times aren’t easy and finding love on the streets is becoming tougher and tougher, thanks to COVID. So, they have decided to make use of the very technology that we humans are using and are registering themselves on dating apps in order to find true love. Not sure about true, but these pretty faces are definitely gonna get some. Profile pictures are very important, they create that first impression which is all that matters and dogs realize that, they take this matter very seriously and post some amazing profile pictures of themselves to attract other dogs.

Today we’ve got a compilation of profile pictures of dogs, on dating sites, shared on Twitter to get the whole community involved and to have a really good laugh together.

Scroll down below to enjoy some doggos trying their luck on dating sites!

1. That seductive side-look always does the job!

Seduction plays its very own important role on dating sites and this doggo fully realizes that!

via: giftedrascal

2. Don’t go after that innocent smile, this naughty boy is prepared to give you the “time” of your life!


We all know dating apps are not used just to find real life, there’s a lot of temporary action that ensues. And this doggo is ready for some!

via: DonkaAlayne

3. Logan! I am your someone special!


I want Logan! Right now!

via: perrigame

4. A frikkin bow tie? He’s a lady’s man for sure!


The whole idea is to look attractive. Some opt for naky-naky while the others try to look extremely dapper, just like this adorable doggo over here.

via: chr15muk

5. Seems like a scholar who has 12 PhDs, to me!


Critical thinkers, they have their own charm!

via: RussInCheshire

6. Who doesn’t enjoy surprises? Bring on the multiple personality disorder!


Now it’s totally upon Rexie what she considers a “surprise”!

via: ejp72

7. Pure happiness! All we want!


via: TonyBongeordie

8. Milo seems pretty adventurous!


You know they are the one when they don’t like that dog down the road.

via: MumbrianSpinner

9. Lula! A dog magnet!


Romance always wins!

via: perrigame

10. “Just give me your number already”, said all the female dogs in the world as they laid their eyes on this unbelievable beaut!


Oh my god! Ben looks like he just got dropped from heavens. That look is so majestic! His DMs must be full at all times.

via: HealthyBalance8

11. A bear as a token of appreciation for his wife-to-be. Go get her, boy!

Remember! If a dog is willing to share its toy with you, it is the one!

via: ScifiandScary

12. Just a hot Pitbull standing next to its favorite “toy” that he likes to involve in all his activities!


That dog means business!

via: melumartini

13. The damn webcams!

Seems like Patricia is ready to put her past behind and live life without any strings.

via: TomField25

14. Just causally showing what excitement makes it do.


You know it’s a very funky dog who likes nothing but a beer and some fresh meat!

via: timlebbon

15. Sold! Fully. Deeply. Intensely.

Oh my god, that is probably the coolest dog picture She looks like Lara Croft who finds joy in nothing but adventure.

via: DavidWillerton

This is so good. I really hope they all find their true love but a dog on a dating website. I mean, come on man. That is taking creativity and tuning it 1000. Amazing! I am fully enjoying myself, they are dogs after all so there is no “other” scenario here.

How about you guys? We have a lot more coming. Scroll down below to continue!

16. I don’t think you can make an argument that goes against this dog. This is what perfection looks like.


The probability of finding a dog who is looking for true love is low. Don’t miss your chance!

via: cmevuk

17. Say no more!

That hat does it, doesn’t it?

via: DanielleAndrew8

18. Brother looks like he has a lot of experience in this thing. I don’t know why, but he does.


There are always those who are looking for something temporary and they do get it every time. That is what comes to my mind when I see this doggo. A master with his mouth, I guess.

via: Katystephens69

19. A fluffy boy with a fancy hairstyle. Chances are high.

via: lindsayjanejack

20. Not a gentle giant in bed tho!


Zak’s trynna be a supermodel out there.

via: GaryMcLuckie

21. Just shoe casing some tongue action. If you know, you know!

A skill only a few could master.

via: DynamoDesert

22. Showing you what that mouth do!


via: Bodewell7

23. Buddy, if you’ve got a bow tie on you will find someone! It’s a rule.

via: drewjones03

24. Now that’s a description that fully matches the profile picture!

Fergus seems pretty cool and given how he is open to all mammals, raises his chances quite a lot.

via: JWCChristiansen

25. Doesn’t even need to make an effort!

via: ap_cook

26. The handsome ones don’t speak. They let their handsomeness do the thing.


What is it about these black animals? They all look so irresistible good looking!

via: KingsleyRed

27. Anyone would melt to that smile…and those teeth!


via: Delirious_Date

28. I think my heart just skipped a beat!

Those eyes are worth dying for! A proper contender if you ask me!

via: RebsterW

29. Honesty is the best policy!


It’s not like no doggo is into hairy partners.  I wish you luck!

via: pourmeavino

30. Woah! Dexter or Mr. Steal your girl?!

Do you know that one guy in college who automatically gets all the girls? That’s Dexter!

via: Carson_WATP

These dogs have a very fair chance, I am telling you all with a hand on my heart. They all look so adorable but the whole idea is absolutely cute and hilarious.

I really hope you guys enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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