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Mom Asks If She’s Wrong For Not Revealing Her Family Which Son Is Her Biological Child

While many hold the belief that biology plays a vital role when defining the nature of a child, it’s undeniable that the role one takes in the child’s life is more crucial for their development. Numerous scenarios can arise when having children, and the particular situation we’re discussing in today’s Reddit AITA story is a bit different. We’re examining a text post from a woman who is contemplating whether or not to reveal which of her children is her biological offspring to her family.


OP doesn’t mind offering lots of details in the submission on the forum. In conclusion. the decision lies with OP about which information she would like to share. Nonetheless, her family continues to insist on her sharing the new, which makes her feel pressured. Keep on reading to see the whole story:

Source: u/[deleted]

#1) Is OP the AH for not revealing which of her sons is adopted to her family?

#2) OP has two kids with the same father, born 6 months apart. OP has full custody and just now got back in contact with her family.


#3) OP explained to her family how this happened, but didn’t tell them who was her biological child. The two kids look like twins.


#4) OP’s mom kept asking for one of her son’s birth certificate and was making excuses for it.


#5) OP stood her ground and an argument ensued.


#6) OP didn’t want it to be a big deal and her mom freaked out about this and called OP selfish, narcissistic and wrong in her stance.


#7) OP’s boyfriend agrees with her but her other family fully agree with OP’s mom and are likely to create problems.


Source: u/[deleted]

This is a pretty rare situation that OP is stuck in, but we hope she doesn’t cave in to the pressure and reveal the truth to her family when she doesn’t want to. Her reasons for withholding information on the biological child should be respected and she should be allowed to make decisions accroding to what she thinks is best, to prevent any potential favoritism that may occur. Keep on scrolling to see what other Reddit users have commented:

#8) That seems very obvious.


Via wind-river7

#9) This is beautiful and correct!


Via AngelIslington

#10) The analogy makes a lot of sense in this context, NGL.


Via helvegr13

#11) We hope things get better for OP.


#12) OP can’t and shouldn’t have to risk other people telling one of her sons that he’s adopted.


Via silly_sarahSG1

#13) What kind of grandmother is she?

Via brokeanail

#14) Pure chaos!


Via aimeed72

#15) This much of a communicative response might just help OP.

Via the_last_basselope

#16) OP’s mother in law’s intentions don’t seem good.


Via zeusmom1031

#17) It’s very common but avoidable in this situation, which is great.

Via MsBogey

#18) OP’s mom reacted so harshly because she didn’t want to be called out on her motives.


Via chubby-wench

#19) Oh, very!

Via 4614065

#20) Short and simple.


Via chlorinerinse

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