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10 Wholesome Stories Parents Caught on Nanny Cams

Nanny cams always capture the unexpected.

If you don’t trust leaving your baby alone with a babysitter, you might want to install a nanny cam. Even if you do trust them, you should install security cameras anyway, just for safety purposes. You never know when they could come in hand.

It isn’t always used to capture creepy or unsettling moments, sometimes nanny cams can record some really wholesome moments too. Who knew these cameras would be so full of surprises? Reddit user kndthr asked people “Parents with Nanny Cams, what have you caught your babysitter doing?” and some of the comments are amazing! Read them below:

1. Sweet old lady.

– SwiftScoutTeemo

2. Because it is a baby!


3. Bunnies on the loose!

– my-life-for_aiur

4. She was a good babysitter after all.

– ZucchiniFace44

5. Fluffy bunny rabbit.

– raffmeup

6. Kissing the baby.

– veritaszak

7. Blackjack.

– dylanmg06

8. Pillow forts are super protective.

– RealityJaunt

9. That’s romantic

– 46from1971

10. Dance for the parents.

– A_C_Phantom

What do you think of these wholesome moments? Let us know in the comments below.


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