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Woman And Cat Shared Their Pregnancy Journey Together And Also Gave Birth At The Same Time

Friends that get pregnant together stay together.

Pregnancy is not an easy journey. You wish you had someone with you 27/4 for the entirety of those 9 months who would help you through that process. Any woman who thinks they would easily get through the whole pregnancy process when the time comes just because they have seen one of those YouTube videos where a woman shows their complete journey and cuts all the tough times out, sorry but that is not going to happen. The beautiful journey videos we see online are edited and none of those crazy times are added in. So yes, pregnancy is not easy and I really respect women for going through it.

As the woman goes deeper into pregnancy in terms of the months, the whole thing starts getting unbearable. You need a lot of emotional support to get through the days and somedays nothing seems to work. Most women tend to turn towards their husbands during such times who show full support and fulfill all their wives’ needs in order to make those unbearable months slightly bearable. This emotional connectivity is actually very crucial and helps a woman a lot. And it can be formed with anyone for example, with a woman’s own husband, a best friend, another pregnant woman, or with their adorable pet animal.

Today’s story is about a woman going through her pregnancy journey with her companion pet cat who was also pregnant.

Lauren Maners found the cat on the side of the road and couldn’t resist but take it.


Lauren was already 9 months into her pregnancy when she found and brought home the cat. The cat, at the time of rescue, barely had any life left in it. Thanks to Lauren’s quick thinking, she instantly took the cat to the doctor who managed to save the cat’s life.

That is where the vet also broke the news that the cat, just like the woman who brought her in, was pregnant. Lauren then decided to take the cat home and care for it.


Lauren knew about all the pains and difficulties that came with pregnancy as she was just experiencing it all firsthand and she also wanted the cat to safely deliver the babies without any complications, so she knew she couldn’t leave the cat all by herself in the wet. She needed 24/7 care and so so it was decided that she will adopt the kitty.

Lauren had never had a cat before because her other 9 siblings and her father were all allergic to cats.


Lauren showed full commitment towards the cat and made sure it was in great health as its delivery time was getting closer. She was doing all of this while being 9 months pregnant with her own delivery dates very close. The cat finally gave birth to healthy kittens and the women then instantly took the cat to the vet along with the newborns to get them all checked up and to start the cat’s treatment. She was yet to be treated for all her conditions and infections she got on the road and the doctors were waiting for her to deliver the babies to start the treatment. Lauren successfully got the cat back to her healthy state.

And the best part about this story is that day the cat wasn’t the only female who gave birth, Lauren also went into labor and gave birth the very same day.


The kittens were also super healthy and happy to be with Lauren.


Lauren knew she couldn’t keep the cats forever but she wasn’t just going to through them all away. It was assured that she will only give the cats to people who she knows will take full care of them and treat them like their own children.

Lauren ended up giving the cats to different people who she closely knew would take good care of them. This way she could also visit the cats from time to time, just to keep a check on them and enjoy some quality time together.


I am really happy for both the females who gave birth and they were in it together till the end. Really respect how a 9-month pregnant Lauren stopped right in her tracks to save a dying cat. She didn’t even know the cat was pregnant at the time and hadn’t had any experiences with cats thanks to his family’s allergy issues with cats. This is the true power of love and a perfect example of how strong animal-human connections can be.

We wish the best of luck to Lauren for the next stage, even tougher, which is that of parenting, and I also wish the best of luck to the new cat mom and her babies with their new forever owners.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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