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28 Stories Of Rude And Dumb People Mistaking Random Persons For Employees

mistaking people for employees

Have you ever been out shopping, minding your own business, when someone suddenly approaches you and demands your attention as if you were an employee? You look down at your outfit, only to realize that you are not wearing the uniform of the store in question. Despite this, the person persists, insisting that you help them with their inquiries, complaints, or demands.


Unfortunately, this scenario is not uncommon, and many people have experienced similar situations. In fact, there are countless stories of individuals who have been mistaken for employees in stores, restaurants, and other public places by rude and clueless people, and Reddit is full of such stories. These stories range from mildly amusing to downright infuriating, and they reveal a great deal about the human tendency to stereotype and make assumptions based on appearances.

In today’s post, we will explore 28 stories of rude and dumb people mistaking random persons for employees. They range from humorous to infuriating, and they offer a glimpse into the strange and often frustrating experiences of those who have been mistaken for employees. While some of the stories may make you laugh or shake your head in disbelief, others may make you angry or sad. All things set to the side, you better believe this experience is definitely going to be a rollercoaster ride for you readers today.

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1. Racist lady mistakes a brown person for an employee and gets arrested.




Via Reddit

2. Entitled mother thought this person lets people ride on his/her horse.





Via cookiekalechip

3. I am just going to declare that guy a fully evolved racist.








Via Eudemon

4. The owner got mistaken for an employee by Karen.


Via Kookabanus

5. The husband was wearing a winter coat and was also carrying a 6-month-old baby…and still he got mistaken for a worker…wow.




Via u/poweredbyweirdhumor

6. Those who don’t look anything like an employee seem to get mistaken for an employee the most.


Via Smoke_Water

7. You know Beth…so she must work here. I don’t think this mistaken woman has any concept of “friends”.


Via I_am_dean

8. When someone says “I don’t work here”, why isn’t that enough?


Via Comprehensive-Tip202

9. This job candidate got fired before even getting hired.



Via KrisHusky

10. Don’t have to deal with the annoying customer anymore.


Via greenthumb-28

11. And this is why ladies and gentlemen you never behave rudely with strangers for no reason. They may be your next job interviewer.

Via u/KRChrome

12. I think her sugar levels were down that day.

Via Reddit

Now I fully realize you guys are feeling a lot of feelings right now and so am I. But if I was to guess those feelings or make the closest, most accurate guess, I would say your feelings comprise hilarity as well as bewilderment. The stories really are hilarious if you think of it in a general sense but that sensation of confusion is there because you actually cannot believe how dumb these people can actually be at times to mistake any random person for an employee. Like why wouldn’t you enquire? And this is where the third emotion begins to play its role; the one that mildly infuriates you.

I was once sitting on a stool in a grocery store, the one employees use to stand on to put items on the top shelf. My mother was busy shopping and this one woman approached me to ask the price of a certain product she was holding. She assumed I was an employee there even though I was not wearing anything that looked similar to the uniform every employee was wearing at the store. She just happened to decide there and then that I was an employee. Thankfully, she wasn’t like a Karen, and when I said “I don’t work here”, she said sorry and walked away. That’s my entry into the experience.

Let’s read through some more stories of random people being mistaken for employees. Scroll down below to continue!

13. Why don’t they ever understand it politely?

Via u/omartoor

14. Lady, why don’t you just mind your own business and finish that Quarter Pounder sitting in front of you?

Via oh-no-its-back

15. There will always be that one person who will not have it the easy way.

Via IamasimpforObi-Wan

16. Well if she didn’t know if that person was an employee or not then why was she giving him the attitude as if he was one…still a very wrong way to talk even if he was an employee.

Via Lord-of-the-creep

17. So if you are wearing a mask you are automatically a worker at that place? Logic died after reading this story.

Via FanHassock

18. All of that because this person was wearing a green shirt. Just wow!

Via u/ACrispyChip

19. The day son’s girlfriend was mistaken for a waitress. That is a crazy first-meeting experience.

Via u/jamaicanmescream

20. Of course she was going to escape after realizing she was wrong.

Via Cow_Toolz

21. I am really starting to think these people’s brains do not register the words “I don’t work here”.

Via Zerbo

22. I don’t mean any offense to anyone but why is it always the women?

Via SamsSnaps77

23. The entitled lady was talking as if she owned the hospital.

Via MyOwntediousthoughts

24. Of course he was not going to care about your kid, lady…because he doesn’t freaking work there.

Via u/gfjq23

25. She first assumed the wife was a gardener…and then she assumed the husband and the wife were both robbing the house.

Via Reddit

26. I am glad the guy didn’t snap at the lady for eating his fries and actually realizing his mistake.

Via Duende_Saudade

27. Sorry old lady but you are supposed to ask someone if they are a worker at the place or not instead of assuming that they are.

Via UniqueUsername2123

28. I really want to know the proper they use to make these wrong assumptions…I really do.

Via u/ligamentary

I really hope you guys enjoyed reading these stories. Have you ever had such an experience? We would love to know all about it so do share in the comments section below.

Stay tuned for more stories!

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