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16 Adorable Animal Parents Comics That Will Brighten Your Day

Parents have it hard everywhere.

And when I say that, I also mean that it is the same for animal parents. I mean have you ever seen how many kids a cat can end up having? So today we are going to be focusing on animal parents but in a more lighthearted and funny way. And we have to thank an incredible artist by the name of Brian Hearn. He is the mind behind the comics known as Zoodraws and he has garnered a lot of attention because of them.


I can quite understand that as he really does make some incredibly humorous comics that are not only relatable to humans but will also brighten your day. We all know that being a parent is quite a struggle so it is always fun to inject some humor into these kinds of things. We also tend to learn a bit more about animal behaviors this way. However, I would recommend taking this as a scientific fact unless you do your research beforehand.

With that all said, I think it is time to get into what you all came here for. So scroll below to take a look for yourself and enjoy.

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#1 They are all considered picky eaters until they eat every bug they see.

My cat does the same thing but thankfully only plays with the bug and doesn’t eat it.

#2 You learn something new every day.


That is going to take a while to fix as well. The snakes don’t seem willing to let go.

#3 I wonder why we never see rainbow flamingos?


#4 These are actually quite the mysteries.


I never understood the serving size thing. I mean who eats half the crisps from a bag? And the whole masks debacle was stupid.

#5 Ctas don’t care about alarms, they will sleep through it.


#6 Dandelions just can’t help themself from growing faster and leaving everyone behind.


#7 Now I feel bad for the whales.


#8 They are never ready for it when you pick up the toy.


They should rightly be scared.

#9 If only Lord Of The Rings was considered a history lesson, I would have aced the exam.


#10 They just want to be with their parent.


And they also want to be sure that their dad doesn’t leave them when he goes to get milk from the shop.

#11 Imagine a bird breed called Patrick. I would honestly like to see that.

#12 Didn’t we all gain weight during this quarantine?


That is not to say that I was skinny before. I am just fatter than before now.

#13 Why are they doing this to the adorable whale?

#14 If only that is how it worked.


What is up with the plumber’s butt though?

#15 That must feel like a punch in the gut.

#16 It always happens someday.


Are you in need of more animals? Well, time for cat tax!


This is Hazel and she loves to sit like this. All I can say is that her little head tilt is everything and makes me want to cuddle her.

What are your thoughts on these comics? Did you relate to any of these? If not, which one of these comics was your favorite? And what do you think about the artist’s style? Comment down below to let us know and don’t forget to share these comics with your friends so they can join in the discussion with their opinions as well.


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