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30 Times Beggars Were Choosers And Got Shamed For Their Ridiculous Demands

30 Times Beggars Were Choosers And Got Shamed In An Online Group

Whoever has said beggars can’t be choosers, has lied to us.

Beggars are choosers and they do it with full entitlement. Such people are in no position to ask anything but when they see that the other person is generous, they start exploiting others’ generosity. They try to take full advantage of the kindness of the other person. If someone would be ready to give them a product or a service for free, they would start showing their real faces. There is a subreddit ‘Begging Choosers‘ where people share the example of choosing beggars. Here, we have compiled 30 of these examples shared in this subreddit. Scroll down to read.


1. “A nice comeback!”

Via: stockyman

Cat prefers only British people for aesthetic reasons.

2. What can you expect for $40?


Via: Organic-SurroundSnd

3. Someone was asking for help online just to get an iPhone:


Via: madcre

4. Entitled woman thinks that it would be a punishment for the coffee shop if she would never come back here:

Via: SorryTill

5. “The University of Begging Choosers”


Via: Public_Bother_613

6. Bro, you can bring your own drink.


Via: jumpstart1829

7. Yeah bro, call the police and tell them your story so they could laugh at you.


Via: lalaxoxo__

8. “Posted on cartoonist Jason Chatfield’s twitter. Felt fitting here.”


Via: MattistKick

9. Jesus is watching how you are trying to get things by using his name.


Via: Bro_Kuli

10. This is the lowest of the lows one can go to get things.


Via: sueunwin94

11. Revenge was served:

Via: sueunwin94

12. We do not need luck but we need a discount.


Via: ejusdemgeneris

13. Stop blaming others for all the promises that you made to your kids.

Advertisement by UDM

Via: Hebden_Herbivore

14. “What a catch”


Via: 4reddityo

15. We hope they don’t make a difference for you:

Via: wwwDJTUNEZnet

Some people think that they are the only ones who are running short of money and the seller is rich but that’s not how it works. If someone is selling something, it means they need the money. Stop asking for discounts. From asking for things for free to not attending the BBQs that serve cheap sodas, these people have proved that beggars are choosers.

16. “Saw this beaut on FB”


Via: churdayd

17. “Karen would like a $10.00 an hour nanny.”

Via: Additional_Refuse_46

18. “Hiring a free wedding photographer (found screenshot on Twitter)”


Via: leftistbitch25

19. “Spare a thought for this poor girl who has been dealt the injustice of being gifted a mere $32,400 for her wedding”

Via: secretly_excited

20. From being sweet to being violent so quick:


Via: Minos114

21. “Aww, you have to draw it now!”

Via: TheoryofJustice123

22. Someone misunderstood the sub:


Via: UnratedMurderer

23. Go, use your “single mother” card somewhere else.

Via: octopusinthecloset

24. Did the refilling cause the water bill to go high?

Via: lalaxoxo__

25. Manager wouldn’t allow employee to go to her college graduation ceremony, she resigned at the spot.

Via: surviveb

26. A live-in nanny should pay the room rent.


Via: tighttightcoolcool

27. This person is gonna be a famous writer one day.


Via: JoeJoeBlaBla

28. Come on, give him some platinums, he does not care.

Via: TheCrowsNestTV

29. It’s not her duty to give you one good reason for your kid.


Via: AlternativeJeweler71

30. “I want something for taking your free item”

Via: BetziPGH

Have you ever met a choosing beggar in your life? If yes, share your story with us in the comment section down below!


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