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20 Crazy Stories Shared By Hotel Staff That’ll Make You Say WTF

Working in the hospitality industry is quite an interesting experience, to say the least.

There are all kinds of people in this world. You can never truly find out much about a person until you see how they live when they are alone. People are usually contained when they are around other people. They need to fit “normal” standards because they can’t risk anyone finding out about their weird or unusual habits or interests. However, housekeepers get to see a lot of wild sh*t when they’re cleaning up after some guests check out.

That is because when these people are finally given the opportunity to live alone, their inner demons are released. Nothing can stop them and they can be their crazy selves now. We never know exactly what happens behind closed doors. And take the advice of these housekeepers, you should be glad you don’t know! Scroll down below to read 20 crazy housekeeping stories that’ll make you say WTF:

1. I don’t think bear repellant spray works like that, guys.


2. That is why you don’t drink yourself senseless when you’re not home, kids.



3. I would really love to see the sh*t paintings.



4. I understand BDSM, but straight up dying for pleasure is beyond me.



5.  Dildos – the perfect Christmas gift.



6. Free adult content under mattresses.



7. That is actually very weird. Why would the police report lie?



7. These are wilder than I expected.

I wasn’t ever a housekeeper, but I worked in a hostel for 1-2 years so I was in dorms a lot. Some things that come to mind:

Taking the nicest most timid Nepalese (rare to see backpacking) couple to their dorm, walk in on full on group sex between 4 american girls and 3 brits I had just checked in an hour previously. The groups didnt check in together and didnt know each other. That escalated quickly.

The complaints of noises coming from the group of deaf tourists staying in a big dorm was funny. The deafies didnt know they were in a group dorm with non-deaf people. Two deaf couples started banging thinking noone could hear their moans.

Two guys turned a smaller dorm room into a gay sex den over the winter. They knew someone who worked there and they got this one apartment blocked off on a floor that was being renovated. Stumbled upon a bed covered in sex toys and a large potted plant.

Took a girl upstairs to my dorm/room thingy, left her passed out as I wanted to go out, came back and she had pissed all over the bed next to mine, she was still in the pissy bed. No idea why she moved.

Walked in on israeli army soldier sex. We got a lot of Israeli army kids on leave and kids who were about to do their service so they partied like mad. saw one of the girls in uniform just getting nailed on the floor of an empty dorm room.


9. That guy is living his best life.



10. You draw a line when it comes to blood on the walls.


Wow. Reading these makes me feel very normal. And I didn’t think I would ever be saying I’m glad I’m just like the normal majority of people. These really are some crazy stories that you can tell your friends when you’re talking about the wildest stuff you’ve ever heard. We still aren’t done yet, though. Scroll down below for more:

11. Things that happen behind closed doors.



12. Well, wasn’t that a very special delivery?



13. Is this GTA in real life?

Hope I’m not too late to the party. My family owns and operates a 3 star motel in a decently big city in New England. I’ve spent 14 of my 25 years living here, so many weird/odd/wtf things have been witnessed by my brother and I. When I was about 15 we had hired a full time maintenance guy that lived on property and was on call 24/7. Spring and summers are very busy times due to conventions and the like so he as a welcome addition to the staff/family (most of our staff has been with us for 10+ years, and we treat them like it too).

The maintenance guy, we’ll call him Mike, was a hard working, no nonsense straight to the point yes man. As a kid i never really paid attention to the numerous “odd” tattoos on his body, or the gold teeth, or his love of chains. To me he was the guy who was awesome since he always helped me practice my ball skills. One day out of the blue he says he needs a few days off to go handle some “personal business.” A few days after he leaves we got a call from a detective asking if Mike is on the property, to which my dad replies he went out for a bit. Within ten minutes of the call we have a swat team busting into his room and raiding the place.

Turns out Mike was a former gang banger who had numerous arrest warrants out on him. He had run away with his girlfriend who was a twenty something at the time, and her parents had known of their relationship. So when the girl didn’t come home one night the called the cops. The swat team found automatic assault rifles, a sawed off shotgun, and numerous handguns under his bed, along with a huge wad of cash.

TL;DR childhood spent living at a motel, basketball mentor was a former gang banger with mad guns under his bed. Could have killed us all.


14. Casinos seem fun too until this stuff happens.



15. You do you, I guess.



16. What a shitty situation.

This is a story I will never forget and happy to share.

This woman at the hotel bar started drinking too much and she was also with her boss and colleagues. She was probably about 30 and really pretty but she started to get angry and started cussing because we cut her off. She wouldn’t stand for this blasphemy and instead of just going up stairs by herself to her room and just tearing apart the mini-fridge like Denzel from “Flight” she decided to take the high road.

Long story short, she punched her boss in the face and then took off around the hotel. Now, the hotel is oval-shaped so she was basically doing laps. Every time she ran past the bar she would run screaming and giving the middle finger to all her colleagues. Some staff started chasing her and we called the cops. On one of her last laps, she ran up squatted down in her skirt and started taking the biggest sh*t. I mean she literally squatted looked up and had the same face of the girl from the Exorcist and just shat all over the floor. This vile pile of disgusting fury rushed out of her ass and the whole time she was just screaming at the top of her lungs and also was kind of barking like a dog. She was doing this in front of everyone at the bar including everyone she works with. Then she just stood up and started running again as shit was still streaming down her leg.

At this point, none of her colleagues was saying anything and they were just staring in awe. As I was behind the bar laughing historically, I remember her boss just so calmly saying “Well, that bitch is fired.” The laughing continued from the staff side. All the colleagues were as quiet as a funeral. The stench, by the way, was repulsive. She was arrested, obviously. Ooo yeah, and the boss left the entire staff a great tip.


17. When you think you’ve messed up but you didn’t.



18. Anything for the money.

This story is my brothers, but what the hell..true story anyway. He worked in a bigger hotel in the center of Amsterdam. He was a mini-bar filler for the rooms. So normally they knock about 3 times before going into rooms.

He had one room, no answer. So he went inside to start filling up the mini-bar. As he goes in he sees a small black case in the middle of the room. A second later a skinny naked guy pops up from behind the wall holding a dildo and stuffing euros in my brother’s hand.

At this point, my brother sees the money and plays along for the moment. The guy opens the briefcase and summons a gigantic dildo from it and start inserting this massive thing into his now pulsing anus. My brother stands there in slight awe as the guy tells him to wait and stuffs more money in his hands. This all is happening very quickly.

Next thing my brother knows is he is holding a lot of money now. The guy has placed himself on a small stool and is begging my brother to start smacking him on the ass with one of those table tennis bats from hell (black leather with metal pins on them). My brother sees the money again, start smacking the guy on his a*s like 3 or 4 times before hitting him so hard he falls off the stool. My brother leaves with the money…the guy still begging for more.

Brother tells management, guy is banned from the hotel.

I never laughed as hard as I did hearing this story. He did have a lot of money…but still kinda felt dirty.


19. This was just bizarre from start to end.

I wasn’t the housekeeper but I was the Front Desk Manager at a nearby hotel…

Walked into work one January morning at 6:50am, like usual. The gentleman who was our night auditor told me that he was happy to see me because he was about to call the police. I asked why and that is when the most unusual, strange, and frightening experience I’ve ever had while working the several years in the hotel business unravelled.

In the dining room there was a very large man passed out in his bowl of oatmeal. Quite literally his face in his bowl… I rushed over to him and I immediately recognized this man as one of two men that frequent the hotel every month on “business”. I try waking him up, no use. Checked his pulse and all seemed to be fine but I was completely unable to get him to wake up so I yelled for the gentleman behind the desk to call 911.

Two minutes later two officers arrived at the hotel and I showed them to the man who looked rather lifeless in his bowl of oatmeal. The cops both attempted to wake him to which they were able. Keep in mind this man was about 6’4 and quite large…he jumps up and starts screaming “Oh sh*t! Oh Sh*t! I just fucking fell asleep. What the f*ck is this all over me?!” The cops replied that he passed out in his breakfast and asked him if he’d had any drugs or alcohol in his system to which he replied “Alright, you caught me. I might have done some blow last night. Okay, maybe more than some.” The cops came back and asked me if I would direct them back to his room so they could check on the man who was staying there as well.

Two minutes after I gave them a room key they called to the front desk and requested that I come up. I knew something was weird but I did not expect what I walked into:

Every piece of furniture was broken.

They used the lamps to cook their drugs…I was young, naive, and clueless and knew nothing about that until the cop told me.

They took massive sh*ts in the bathtub…then smeared the sh*t all over the walls.

They had a gerbil running around the room.

They had several sex toys laying around the room.

The second guy was nowhere to be found.

I pulled up the security footage that showed that he’d left the building at a quarter past 3am…and they ended up arresting the other.

Two housekeepers quit that morning after refusing to touch the room.

The second guy came back around 1 in the afternoon and I had the misfortune of having to call the police, ban him from the property, and listen to his threats of “shoving a f*cking rocket” up my a*s.

Never experienced anything quite like that again…


20. This made me sad.

I worked as a Night Auditor for a small town chain hotel in the early 1990s. On night a nicely dressed business man checked in on my shift. He came back up to the desk a few minutes later and rented a few movies (we had VCRs in the rooms back then). One of the movies was The Hunt for Red October (just came out on video). The evening went pretty uneventful, but the next night when I came to work I received the news. Sometime during my shift he had blown his head of with a large handgun while in his bed. No-one heard or saw this happen, and he was found by a maid about 1PM the next day, and he had bled out.

Because all of the maids were Haitian, none of them would clean up the mess. I went into the room and could see the huge pool of blood on the bed and the floor. It took them over a week to clean the room, it smelled terrible. As it turned out, the blood leaked under the floor and under the bed in the adjoining room, that we still rented out, without knowing there was coagulated blood on the floor. We just kept airing the room out and spaying a lot of air freshener. To this day I have never seen The Hunt for Red October.


Have you ever worked in a hotel? Do you have any crazy stories to share? Let us know in the comments below!


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