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Entitled People Who Crossed All Limits With Their Preposterous Demands

Being bold is not always the way to go.

While being confident and asking for what you want is a good thing most of the time. There is a limit so you don’t cross over into being a choosing beggar. However, these people did just that by making preposterous demands that couldn’t be fulfilled in any way possible. I understand that free stuff is always appreciated and who wouldn’t want that?


But that does not mean you can essentially force someone to give you something for free. We see this time and time again in the Reddit known as choosing beggar and people don’t seem to be stopping any time soon. Today we have something similar. I suppose the following people didn’t care that they were being shameful and just cared about getting stuff that they didn’t really deserve.

#1 That is the exact reaction that I would have if someone messaged me this.

Via dogebto69

#2 Well, This is definitely presumptuous of them, isn’t it?

Via drashtant23

#3 They even considered buying a cheaper alternative.

Via NarutoNamii

I don’t know who this is but they are much too nice to this person. A gift is a gift and nobody should demand anything for it.

#4 Who would be willing to give away these sorts of brands for free or almost free?

Via MommaOats-1

#5 Of course they sound like a scammer because they don’t want to work for free.

Via Strawberry_Milk97

#6 What I’ve learned from this is that always order ‘On the rocks.’

Via mikerockitjones

#7 Just give your kids more money if you want them to get more treats.

Via imshortt

#8 That reply was pretty perfect, I’d say.

Via UpboatBrigadier

#9 Honestly many guitars aren’t even that expensive.

Via hairybushy

#10 I’ve heard of hard bargaining but this is just plain rude.

Via ohkeydokie

#11 Can’t some people be happy for others? Is it really so hard?

Via alexsangthat

Teachers deserve a lot more than a cup of free coffee. So just let them be.

#12 Refer to the point I made above.


Via Ethantburg

#13 So we have ‘that’ kind of parent right here.

Via WavyWavy007

#14 She seems very mad that you didn’t boost her already enormous ego.

Via Bleblebob

#15 So people are supposed to stop using a public street? Makes sense.

Via JTladsuh

What did you think of these people? Have you ever dealt with a choosing beggar yourself? If so how did it go? Comment down below and let us know.


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