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Father Says He Will Kick Out His Daughter If She Gets Pregnant

Getting pregnant without a plan is not recommended.

Now I have nothing against unplanned pregnancy. But I am just saying that taking care of a child can be quite expensive. And that includes day care, all of their necessities food and even the toys. So it is always better to take a look around you and see if you are ready and able to handle a baby before you start going on that road. However, many people don’t think about that and get too wrapped in all the ‘baby fever’.

I am not saying only rich people should have babies. However, I am saying that parents have a duty to provide their children with the best care imaginable. And not get pregnant when they have just lost their jobs and can’t even keep a roof on their heads. Not only that but when they also have to move back to their parents house, waiting a bit before getting pregnant might be the way to go. This couple doesn’t seem to agree. And you can see why by scrolling below and taking a look for yourself.

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This pandemic has been hard on everyone and the economy is really struggling nowadays.

Most people do love babies, but anyone would get tired of everything especially at this age.


I can also understand her point of view as she wants children, but maybe she will calm down.


I’m worried that I/we are being the a**holes for possibly being uncaring toward her daughter, son-in-law, and possible future grandchild. I am also thinking that we were being selfish and only thinking of our own needs instead of our daughter’s.

They will certainly regret that decision later on.


And many people even shared their own similar stories.


They didn’t even ask and this just kept prolonging their stay.


I feel really sorry for the in-laws. They only wanted to help.


And they somehow got sucked into this mess.


Nta don’t let them bully you into caving

The reality is people who are not stable enough to have their own home and literally are a grown and married couple who have to live with mom and dad; they don’t need to have a planned pregnancy right now. –Affectionate-Meat-98

It seems this sort of thing happens a lot.


Just because you love your kids doesn’t mean you can’t stand your ground.


And bringing a baby into this world when you can’t even pay for your own place is dumb.

My mommy brain went a year and 3 months then my brain was like that’s wrong 9+3 does not equal 15. NTA OP, while yes “your house, your rules” is a valid point it’s not in this case because your daughter and SIL are not in a position to care for that child atm. I would ask her if she expects you to pay for the baby too since she’s reacting like that (seems to me like she does). I would talk to your SIL without your daughter, just you and him and lay it bare saying you want to support them but because 1. They can’t financially afford a baby at this time and 2. Your youngest son. He might be more receptive without his wife’s emotions.

I get trying for a baby can be either easy or difficult, but you won’t know until you try but trying needs to be at the right time. It took my husband and I 2 years to figure out what was wrong because everything seemed normal, but my sister got pregnant quick and asked if we were trying (it was Feb of 2017) and I said no not yet because we wanted to sort some finances out first which we started in May that same year. I don’t know your daughter’s situation, and it could just be the pain of “we’ve been trying for x amount of time, and you’re telling me to stop” but she really needs a reality check. –IceyLizard4

Some parents want to be there 24/7 and others don’t.


It can be quite exhausting taking care of a baby.

Do you think the parents were too hard on their daughter? Or do you think she needed to hear that? Comment down below and let us know.


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