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Husband Doesn’t Want Wife And Children To Attend Family Wedding Because He Didn’t Get Invited

Not attending family wedding

Family weddings are considered huge. Every person in the family looks forward to them. You expect to get invited and make plans in advance because the event is big and holds significance. But how would you react if you didn’t get invited to a family wedding? Let’s make it even worse, how would you react if all of your family members get invited except you? That would make you feel hurt. But then the question arises, what if they have a solid rationale?


That is exactly what happened in today’s story shared by Reddit user u/PutThen9960. OP shared his wife’s sister’s wedding was coming about and it was quite understood that everyone would get invited. However, when they received the official invitation, OP’s wife and kids were invited and there was no mention of his name. He got really angry and did want his wife or kids to go to the wedding as they didn’t invite him. But his wife wanted to attend her sister’s wedding.

In the entire story, OP didn’t mention why he wasn’t invited or what could be the potential reason for him not getting invited. That is why when he shared the story on the subreddit “Am I The A$$hole?” to know if his decision was right or not, he got thrashed by the internet.

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Source: u/PutThen9960

1. Family drama always excites me…let’s find out.

2. OP’s wife received an invitation to her sister’s wedding and everyone was invited i.e. the sister and her kids, but there was no mention of OP; the husband.


3. OP didn’t like this and hoped his wife would find this rude as well but he later got to know she was preparing to attend the wedding.


4.  OP didn’t give consent to his children to go unless he went to the wedding as well…he also didn’ want his wife to attend the event.


5. OP argued he should’ve been invited to such an important event. The matter was taken to the courts of the AITA community.


This is so freaking suspicious. Like, it seems like only one side of the story was shared. OP began and ended with only one point, that he did not get invited to the wedding. But why didn’t he get invited? Surely there has to be reason because no one does such a thing for no reason.

And for that reason, I would declare OP an AH. An AH for not sharing the whole story. Also, sure he didn’t get invited but why ruin it for his children and his wife?

Source: u/PutThen9960

Here are some of the comments shared on the story:

6. What happened was a consequence of your own actions.


Via sc0tth

7. OP doesn’t deserve his wife.


Via CakeZealousideal1820

8. If she leaves you, there is nothing you will be able to do about it.


Via Hot_mess4ever

9. He acted like a boss more than a father. Very wrong.


Via FabulousNoise3237

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