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Husband Goes Golfing Out Of His Work Time, Wife Gets Angry At Him

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you quit your job and went golfing without telling your spouse? Well, one man did just that and faced the wrath of his wife and the internet.


Reddit user u/Which-Shower-7639 posted his story on Reddit’s r/AmItheA$$hole,  claiming that he had quit his job and was just waiting for the two-week notice period to end so he could start his new job. And with having nothing to do, he decided to go golfing on a weekday, while his wife was at home with their 7-month-old daughter. While golfing he got his first ever hole-in-one in his golfing career and decided to text his wife about it. It backfired as the wife got extremely furious with him. OP wanted to know if he was wrong about this or not.

Scroll down below to read the story and decide whether OP did the right thing or not.

Source: u/Which-Shower-7639

1. Let’s find out.

2. Before OP quit his job and was serving his notice period for the sake of it, he decided to go skip work one day and go golfing without telling his wife who was at home taking care of their daughter.


3. After getting his first ever hole-in-one since he had started playing golf, OP excitedly decided to call his wife to tell her about it but she got really angry upon hearing that he didn’t come home to look after their daughter with her and instead went out to play golf.


Source: u/Which-Shower-7639

To be honest, I would call OP can AH. He felt so entitled to screw with his current employer and I don’t mind that at all. It is just that the cloud of entitlement fogged the importance of his wife and daughter in his heart. That is what bothers me.

While serving his notice, not working would have been enough to show his dissatisfaction with his employer. Playing gold specifically did not serve that person. If OP had decided not to work that day, he could’ve simply gone back home, or never showed up in the first place, to spend the day with his wife and daughter.

Here’s what the internet had to say about this:

4. When your wife spends her day off too look after her daughter, why did you spend your day out playing games?


Via Dinosaur_Doctor

5. It got very real in the comments section.


Via Formal-Ad3066

6. Perhaps, taking her along to play gold would’ve made a better matter.


Via jitsufitchick

7. You could have shown some empathy, OP.


Via mutualbuttsqueezin

8. I doubt it.


Via Kaurblimey

9. This really was super unfair to the wife. Poor woman was only taking care of THEIR child and he thought it would be okay to voluntarily skip work and play golf.


Via OverRice2524

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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