Stranger Shares Texts From A “Nice Guy” After Girl Gives Wrong Number

We all know the “Nice Guys.”

They will pretend to be the nicest people around as long as you’re doing what they want. However, if you go even a little against their will, they’ll show you who they truly are. The term “nice guy” can be better understood if you picture it as a vulnerable guy wearing a facade. Sometimes, people have insecurities and to cover them up they take up the persona of a “nice guy.”

Then again, wearing a mask is still wearing a mask. It’s not who you really are. For instance, when a girl puts a “nice guy” in friend-zone, he will typically respond in an aggressive manner. Now, that’s denial of the fact that he has been rejected. Generally, people like these just need help because they have a hard time accepting themselves. However, there’s no justification for their violent behavior.

The story we’re about to share with you is similar. Somebody gave the guy in the following thread a wrong number. When he texted that number, the person on the other end realised what had happened and decided to play along. Read Below:

Like always, it started with a ‘good morning’ text.

It wasn’t long before the “nice guy” lost his cool.

What’s up with the language?

Emotional play.

The audacity. Wow.

Is he though?

He had it coming to him.

No one owes anyone anything. So, clearly he got what he deserved. That said, what are your thoughts regarding these “nice guys?” Let us know in the comments below.

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