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MIL Gets Angry When She Sees Her Son’s Wife Is Not Doing All The Housework

Doing chores is a good thing. 

I know most of us don’t like cleaning and doing the dishes, but it actually helps us learn how to be adults and how to take responsibility after ourselves. That is why it is so important for parents to teach their kids to lean up after themselves. After all, it is not a mother’s job to always be at their families beck and call to clean everything up. After all not matter how you treat your mother or wife, she isn’t a maid and deserves to be respected for all she does every day.

So when your mother tells you to clean up after yourself, it is better to just do it right there and then even if you hate it. She is only thinking about what is best for you at the end of the day. However, kids don’t think like that and would rather have no allowance then put their dirty clothes in the hamper. Maybe I was just a goody two shoes, but I would never want to live in filth so why not clean up after yourself a bit?

Well, this woman had enough and decided to employ a clever strategy.

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I can already tell that it must be quite hectic at their abode.

According to her, everyone says they will do it, but they don’t stick to it after.


She decided that she had enough of this and decided to just stop cleaning until they did their part.


However, mother-in-law didn’t like this when she came for a surprise visit.


NTA. This is every mom’s struggle, I swear. Also, it’s 100% her fault that her son doesn’t clean up after himself.

I swear I was busier as a SAH mom than a working mom. Not only is it tough to run a house, but you get people asking for favours left and right because “you don’t have a job.” Eff that noise.

I have done similar with my kids. No clean clothes? You should have put your dirty clothes in the laundry, not on your floor. If you’re TA for that, we both are, and I have a feeling many more. We’re exasperated, underappreciated, and exhausted. We have no other recourse. LOL. –liss_meliss

Honestly, the mother-in-law acted horrendously.


She should be cut out of their lives completely.


It was a straight up threat to take her children away after all.


If your family isn’t listening to you, a drastic measure might be needed.


The husband should also stop acting like a child.


An apology is not enough. He needs to back it up with action.

They also need to learn to take responsibility.


OP is awesome for putting MIL in her place about having to do her job as far as teaching her husband how to do chores, and clearly NTA, and from follow-up comments about MIL is just a rock star all around.

BUT husband is a grown enough man to have fathered 4 kids so to say that at this point it’s 100% his mother’s fault that he doesn’t do diddly squat for himself is too far. He definitely started with a massive disadvantage because of OP’s MIL’s coddling and I accept that it can take a long time for him to learn everything he missed, but at this point if he’s not putting dishes in the sink or clothes in the hamper it’s not 100% his mom’s fault any more.

That infantilizes him as much as his mother does by acting like OP is the only one responsible for cleaning in the house. –AlwaysBetOnRead

This might be the way to go from the look of things.

What are your thoughts on this story? Do you think they should cut off with the mother-in-law? Let us know in the comments below.


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