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13 Movie Posters That Got Roasted Online Because They Were Poorly Photoshopped

The idea that studios spend millions of dollars developing movies and then issue heinously altered posters to promote them is difficult to comprehend. Worldwide, movie posters are used to promote upcoming films and to attract new audiences. There have been some iconic posters throughout history that have done an excellent job at capturing the public’s attention. On the other side, some posters are eye-catching, but for entirely the wrong reasons. We’re discussing Photoshop gaffes here. While it’s no secret that actors’ and actresses’ appearances on posters are “altered,” there are some who truly takes the cake in this department. The power of cinema can easily be lost in production if the special effects are done correctly, and there are a number of movies that have excellent special effects. There are a variety of reasons why terrible photoshop disasters can occur. Sometimes people’s heads are far larger than their supposed bodies. Other times, the arms or legs are far too long for their bodies. In some instances, it’s downright ludicrous.


1. The Dark Knight. Even superheroes sometimes cannot see the whole picture!

Have you ever pondered why crimes continue to occur despite the fact that Batman can see the entire city? The explanation can be discovered in this poster, in which Batman is looking at the window panes rather than at the city.

via © The Dark Knight / Warner Bros.

2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I. Surprise! Nobody was expecting to see Harry Potter in this list, right?

Watch out for your head Harry! It is both inside and outside the train. What do you think: absurd or magical?

via © Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I / Warner Bros. / EAST NEWS

3. Gulliver’s Travels. Well… This one is a blunder!

Someone needs to pay a visit to the dentist! Or maybe the editors need to start paying attention. In this poster of Gulliver’s travel, the tiny people are normal but the fact that his mouth and teeth are missing is not!

via © Gulliver’s Travels / 20th Century Fox

4. 300. Didn’t King Leonidas use a spear in this movie?

There is no doubt that this film is a masterwork of action and thrill-seeking storytelling. The editing of this poster, on the other hand, is quite bizarre. In the film, King Leonidas engages in combat with a spear. He is, however, wielding a sword on this image. Also, the fact that the sword appears to be hovering behind his hand if you look attentively at the image.

via © 300 / Warner Bros.

5. Solace. Nobody can find solace in this poster!

When the art crew opted to make Colin Farrel’s head the same size as Anthony Hopkins’, his head proportions were completely wrecked.

via © Solace / New Line Cinema

6. Logan. The proportions are definitely weird!

Logan depicts the narrative of Wolverine and Lora, a young mutant girl who becomes his love interest. Are Dafne Keen’s fingers long enough to fit around the hand of wolverine?

via © ewatk / reddit

7. Watchmen. Is it magic?

How is the flamethrower lit, when he isn’t even pulling the trigger?!

via © Watchmen / Paramount Pictures

8. Going the Distance. How did that hand get there?

Could it be that Barrymore’s shoulder is too short or that the artist forgot to fix the final movie poster image before printing it out.

via © Going the Distance / Warner Bros.

9. The Accidental Husband. An accident is bound to occur!

According to the film’s narrative, a man in a suit and a firefighter fell in love with a woman named Emma Lloyd. But how will they catch her if they’re standing like that?!

via © The Accidental Husband / Yari Film Group

10. Over Her Dead Body. Umm! So many things are wrong!

The torso of the actress has been bonded to her head, the knees have been removed, and the arms, especially the right one, have been lengthened.

via © Over Her Dead Body / New Line Cinema

11. Terminator Genisys. Are those teeth real?

Who knows why the Terminator’s jaws are made up of real human teeth that don’t even look like they’re made of plastic?

via © Terminator Genisys / Paramount Pictures

12. Ready Player One. It’s a long leg, to say the least.

We’re curious about this guy’s height.

via © Ready Player One / Capital Pictures / EAST NEWS

13. Beauty and the Beast. They may not have wanted Emma Watson to get wounded!

Having thorns on roses is simply unnatural. But if you watch Beauty and the Beast, you’ll notice that the flower has no thorns.

via © Beauty and the Beast / Walt Disney Pictures

When viewing movie posters, have you ever detected any errors done by Photoshop experts? If so, feel free to share with us!


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