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10+ Times People Accidentally Broke Things Found Better Things Inside

Do you get that mini heart attack every time you drop something?

Remember those times when something slipped from your hands and shattered? And the next thing you hear after the crash is your mother’s voice, shouting and telling you, in a sarcastic tone, to smash up the whole house.


Well, next time you break something, don’t panic suddenly that your mom would make it the last day of your life. Instead, look inside and you might just find a secret present from the manufacturer. And your mom won’t be mad either!

If you have a minute to think about the adventures of life, they broke a whole new world for you to explore and in that world you find a lot of weird things a well. Just like you are about to find out below.

These 14 people found such surprises inside some things that they broke by accident and you will be amazed. Scroll down and check them out.

1. I see nature has played us too.

2. Thirsty? No worries.


3. This is why I have trust issues.


4. In case you get bored.


5. Oh no. He broke Yoda’s heart.


6. How thoughtful of the person who made this,


7. The best surprise of all. Imagine your girlfriend’s face.


And not just your girlfriend, but also almost everyone’s face would light up with shock when they notice a new item inside the old broken one.

8. No need to panic, we have another die.


9. Two for the price of one.


10. How do the Russians always succeed in tricking us?


11. Now this is quiet interesting.

12. What? How?


13. This toy truly served it’s purpose.

14. So that you have a measuring tape on the go.


15. Double protien?

I had an egg inside my egg

16. Nothing less than a miracle.

My aunt found an orange inside of her orange this morning, complete with peel.


17. This could be history.

Bullets found in an old log I was splitting. You can see their trail marks.

18. You will never fail another chemistry exam.


19. So beautiful!

20. OMG! Was it alive though?

Found a tiny crab in one of my mussels. (Actually inside the mussel itself, not just the shell)


It’s not just the stuff you break accidentally, it’s also everyday household and food items you generally come across.

21. The cycle of life.

I cut and apple in half this morning and found the seeds had started sprouting inside the apple.

22. At least let the bass enjoy it’s food in peace.

This 2 pound bass I caught had a full crawdad in its mouth


23. Could be a legendary knife for all we know.

Peice of my knife broke off the handle and it shows a family on the back

24. How cute is that!

25. Not again.

I ripped up my old phone case to discover it’s made of a Macau beer mat.

26. I would definitely love to spend my summer here.

This pool has a pool inside

27. Lucky you.


28. Imagine if you broke all of them. You’ll have a brand new chess to play with.

Pawn inside of a queen

29. CT scan of 1,000-year-old Buddha sculpture reveals mummified monk hidden inside.


30. So did they make a throne out of it?

My mom’s boyfriend cut down a dead tree and found another tree inside

Which one did you find the most amusing of all? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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