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30 Times People Met Someone Famous And Didn’t Even Realize Or Care

Celebrities are no different than the rest of us. Of course, this is not always the case; they earn millions of dollars, live in opulent mansions, and travel on private aircraft. If we take them away from their wealth and glamour, we might not recognize them as the wealthy individuals they appear to be when we see them at the zoo or having a cup of coffee.

Redditor Kimantha_Allerdings asked other users to share their funniest “I met a celebrity but didn’t let on that I knew who they were” stories a few years ago and the thread has recently resurfaced, so we thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of the most outrageous ones for your viewing pleasure.

Is it possible for you to believe everything that anonymous people post on the internet? Most likely not. On the other hand, these stories are still entertaining.

So, here’s the Reddit post asking strangers on the internet about their interactions with celebrities:

1. Damn right!

Via XANA12345,wikimedia.commons

2. That’s why we adore Scarlett Johansson!

Via mojomann128,wikimedia.commons

3. This mom should have asked Elton if she could get the signature of his bodyguard.

Via tastefulsidebutthole,wikimedia.commons

4. Lucky Man! Celebs also need to enjoy some private life.

Via Z0MBGiEF,wikimedia.commons

5. Sigourney Weaver is such a humble lady!

Via Londonforce,wikimedia.commons

6. Robin Williams was one of the best gifts to all of us.

Via skitch885,wikimedia.commons

7. Story of a luggage guy!

Via AdamHR,wikimedia.commons

8. Stephen King is so straightforward.

Via EatATaco,wikimedia.commons

9. We all miss Alan Rickman’s voice!

Via zeromig,wikimedia.commons

10. This boy played for hours with Daniel without realizing he actually played the harry potter’s role.

Via Syntactic_Acrobatics,Warner Bros. Pictures

11. Stan Lee, A True Gem!

Via Siidewinder,wikimedia.commons

12. Post Malone, one of the best rappers is so humble and kind person.

Via Resviole,postmalone

13. So this man had an awful conversation with Magic Johnson.

Via dutchman3532,wikimedia.commons

14. Sigourney Weaver has an alluring presence.

Via OGstickerparty,wikimedia.commons

15. Why Jeff Goldblum is always so good…

Via Poisonmonkey,wikimedia.commons

16. Some chilling time with Chuck Norris!

Via diskebbin,CBS 

17.  Dwayne Johnson a.k.a The Rock!

Via aardvarkyardwork,wikimedia.commons

18. This guy is lucky enough to have a good laugh with Elon Musk in the Tesla store!

Via [deleted],wikimedia.commons

19. Love reading stories where these celebrities’ act like normal people just like Justin Timberlake.

Via Ken_the_Andal,wikimedia.commons

20. Well, this guy was not wrong.

Via reble02,wikimedia.commons

21. Owen Wilson is a normal person doing normal stuff.

Via pinecone316,wikimedia.commons

22. But we want to hear more about how this doppelganger friend confused Rosario Dawson!

Via whereegosdare,wikimedia.commons

23. So, this girl had a chat with Jack Black.

Via palexander_6,wikimedia.commons

24. Eminem!

Via BigODetroit,wikimedia.commons

25. A little act of kindness might turn someone into a lifelong fan.

Via JustAbove_Average,wikimedia.commons

26. Michael Jordan is a legend!

Via Jim__And__Tonic,wikimedia.common

27. It’s cool not to freak out sometimes, especially after watching David Tennant.

Via Ge0rj,wikimedia.commons

28. Kudos to this guy!

Via nryan777,wikimedia.commons

29. Henry Winkler is such a pure class!

Via jarrettbrown,wikimedia.commons

30. Talking with famous people must be a pleasure.

Via gregorykay,wikimedia.commons

Which celebrity stories piqued your interest the most? Have you ever been in a situation where you met a celebrity and were unaware of it? If so, we would love to hear your story in the comments section below.


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