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19 Hysterical Pet Tweets That Will Take All Your Stress Away

Life has been really stressful lately and we are in dire need of animal content for survival.

Things have been tough lately there is no questioning that. Inflation levels are at an all-time high, imported goods are getting expensive, you just cannot live your life the way you used to live 5 to 6 years ago. And with the whole coronavirus situation which I am so annoyed about, the stress levels are at an all-time high. You can’t really do anything with this virus on your ass hunting every human down like we hurt it in the past or something. With the whole work from home thing, it is now impossible to socialize and all the extraverts of the world are finding it really hard to cope with this.

Now we have been working hard to find a solution for this, and I think we might have hit the spot. The secret is animals. Animals have been around us for so long and whenever we’ve been near one, we feel like all our stress just magically vanishes and that gap fills with happiness and joy. In a lockdown, it is not easy to meet animals physically but thank god we have internet. Animal owners love to showcase their pets online and the things they do to make them happy. And thanks to them sharing these pictures on the internet, we can enjoy them from the leisure of our sofas That is how you can cope with stress, watch animal content online.

And don’t worry because today we have compiled some great animal tweets for you to give you an amazing experience. Say goodbye to that stress.

Scroll down below to enjoy yourselves!

1. If that doesn’t happen, I will retire from life.

It doesn’t have to be a physical image of a pet animal to enjoy their presence, all sorts of animal content like stories, moments, work perfectly well too.

2. This is so hilarious, looks like you need to discharge and lose all that electricity you hold within because the cat cannot lose that electricity. Ever.

See you can’t really negotiate with a cat if it results in the cat going to the back foot. It is you who have to compromise, always.


3. I am sorry, my human. You have got it all wrong there. Get ready as world cat domination has begun.


That little Socks has been plotting seeds all over the planet slowly and they are now ready t commence with the mission.

4. Such an amazing coincidence.

They always asked who is the good boy but never asked how is the good boy. So unfortunate, the poor ones need a voice to be raised for them, a human voice.


5. Ouch, I pay my heartful condolences to you my friend, and wish you a speedy recovery


You know it’s trouble when even your dog chooses to ignore you. Good thing the remote was nearby.

6. Great banter!

Anything related to a dog is funny but I don’t really know how to let this one slide. This was clumsy, Sean.


7. Hahaha, yeah he never does it ever. I don’t know what’s got into him today.


When you accidentally break something at a relative’s house and pretend like you have no idea how that happened.

8. You can’t really guess it with a cat, ever. They are the most mischievous creatures ever.

Say you’ve had a cat for over a decade, you still won’t be able to predict its next move, that’s how full of mischief they are.


9. So unfortunate when trying to build a case for yourself in front of a cat. You have no chance in front of a cat.


Cats are the most superior creatures on this planet, their independent personality screams that. You cannot beat them in any department, just accept that.

10. I had to use 75% of my total brain capacity to develop an understanding of this, I am glad I did.

And we currently use only 0% of it.


11. Maam, you have managed to get yourself a perfect man, do not let him go. That picture is so adorable.

Feeding your little kitty pancakes, things cannot get cuter than that.

These animal moments are amazing. I am loving it and I hope you guys are too. Animals provide us with the best moments ever and that too without even trying. We really do not deserve them.

I know you can’t wait to go through more of these so scroll down below to continue

12. If you have managed to live with your cat for that long, you can never be labeled as a mentally unstable person.


For those who didn’t know, quinceanera means, it’s the 15th birthday of a girl.

13. Cats take all decisions voluntarily and hence, have no regrets ever. So be chill, you did not spoil the cat, the cat chose to be spoiled.

You’ve gotta give it to the cat though, it is chilling watching a freakin iPad.

14. Oh my god no! She should have told the vet its real name, Voldetort.

That is the coolest tortoise name I have ever heard, I might name my kid that.


15. Maybe they’re just so fed up with crawling their whole life, they build a cacoon to commit suicide and come out with flying colors.

You, sir, shouldn’t be thinking this much.

16. It is all about finding true joy in the tiniest of things and cats are way better at that than we are.

And I think that is because humans have way too high expectations from everything, cats just role with the flow and find joy in absolutely everything.


17. Poor things wait for their humans by the door all day long.

I repeat we do not deserve dogs.

18. No hidden adoption charges, just come and get him and we have a surprise gift for you as well if you contact us within 48 hours.


I am sorry if I ever have to choose between a person and an animal who has done everything in its power to keep me happy and protect me, fortunately, or unfortunately for anyone, I will pick that animal over anyone.

19. Looks like you are new with cats because the first thing you do when your cat goes missing, is looking at the most unexpected and uncommon spots in the house, like this one.

I really hope you guys enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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