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Twitter User Reverses The Role Of Men And Women In Politics, The Result Is Surprising

Women have been slighted throughout history.

No matter how much people say women are equal and get equal rights these days, it is definitely not true. While I do understand we have come a long way, we still have a very long road ahead of us. Whether it be labeling any movie that has a female lead into ‘feminism politics’ to actually treating women as equal, there are things we can improve on. And I am well aware that it is hard for many men to understand the plight of the other gender since they haven’t been through the same thing.

Perhaps that is why we have this thread. Where this ingenious Twitter user revered the role of women and men so everyone can better understand what females have dealt with throughout history. I am sure you will find the following ideas and sentiments crazy but similar things have happened to women and nobody batted an eye then. So maybe this will give everyone a new perspective.

Scroll on below, and you can take a look for yourself.

Source: Twitter

We start off with a ‘simple’ reality that is going on right now and everyone treats it as normal.

I’m trying to leverage the instinct in men—societally instilled and encouraged—to center everything around us.

We have trouble hearing women it seems.

So I’m centering us in a completely different story, one in which we’ve been treated throughout US history as women have been.

Isn’t it better to just appoint a person best qualified? Why does gender factor in this at all?


That would seem crazy and violating human laws right? And yet this happens every day.


After all learning about new things can’t be handled by someone with a different genitalia.


What am I trying to accomplish?

That’s easy.

I’m trying to get men to see how imbalanced in our favor the current state of affairs is—so much so that to us, it can seem normal to make everything about us, and any attempt at balance seem like an attack.

Who would care about what she did in the past or is still doing? At least she is a woman.


It is after all a duty of a man to stay with a woman however toxic she may be.


My hope was this could break some men out of this self-defensive angry crouch we’ve collectively been in, there on our perch at the top of Privilege Mountain, to maybe see that an unbroken string of engineered male dominance is also “identity politics.”

Hope springs eternal.

How crazy and weird the world would seem. It would make no sense. Right?


A key point. You can play this exercise for many types of people. People of color. Women of color. Gay people. Trans people. Native people. Muslims. Jews. Atheists. Disabled people. And more.

Everybody’s invited. No default settings.

He definitely raised a lot of important points. And we need to move on from these antiquate ideas of differentiating someone just because of their genitalia. It is outright crazy. What are your thoughts? Comment down below and let us know.


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