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20 Amazing Photos That Prove “Star Wars” Was Always Around Us

You might say Star Wars is science fantasy but some people believe Star Wars was always around us.

Where are all the Star Wars fans? This post is for all the Star Wars fans. Today, you will see Star Wars characters in real-life. Some people think Star Wars was always around us and it is not just a fantasy. Well, they are right. They have seen real-life things turning into Star Wars characters. A cat that looks like one of the porgs, a monument that looks like Darth Vader, a cocktail that looks exactly like Yoda and a bag that looks like Jabba, all of these things prove that Star Wars is not just a fantasy but exists in the real world. We have 20 incredible photos to prove what we are claiming. Scroll down and enjoy.


1. “My cat, Leia, looks like one of the porgs from Star Wars”

© Star Wars: The Last Jedi / Lukasfilm Ltd.© pixie-rose / reddit

2. Viennese bank plan looks exactly like the Millenium Falcon.


© ash286 / reddit

3. A monument in Polish Town is looking like Darth Vader from Star Wars.


© bkielbaszewski / reddit

4. This doggo looks like Yoda.


© dalenaxtc / reddit© Star Wars: Return of the Jedi / Lucasfilm Ltd.

5. This statue looks like Princess Leia.


© standingteddybear / reddit

6. The binary sunset.


© Lurker_no_longer /

7. Jabba the Hutt.

© IamB00B / reddit

8. Chewbacca, spotted in the Russian subway.


© Get_Win / reddit

9. A Star Wars sculpture at Japan’s snow festival.


© KevlarYarmulke / reddit

10. How a Star Wars fan proposes:


© Maticus146 / reddit

It takes an eye for detail to notice similarities in things. It is optical illusion that makes things look like the characters from Star Wars. Seeing Binary suns in Star Wars was an optical illusion and the same is the case with the Reddit user who took the photo of two Suns. Again. It is optical illusion but these photos are incredible and prove Star Wars is a part of our lives. Scroll down for more!

11. This reflection on the car looks like the Millennium Falcon.

© Panixcx / reddit

12. Jabba the Hutt spotted.


© Reddit_daddy / reddit© Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace / Lukasfilm Ltd.

The cat version of Jabba.

13. “My wife’s shadow while walking on the sidewalk yesterday looked like Darth Vader.”

© Unknown / imgur

14. “The seat in my car looks like a Battle Droid from Star Wars when the headrest is up.”


© WantedDadorAlive / reddit

15. “My coffee maker looks like Darth Vader. The Force awakens…”

© Boxcar_Blues / reddit

16. This graffiti reminds us of the battle droid from the star wars prequels.


© Jasko1111 / reddit

17. The shadow looks like a Tie Fighter.

© Engineer_Toast / reddit

18. Is it a shot from Star Wars?


19. “I made a Baby Yoda cocktail at work today.”

© grayspriral / reddit

When you are a Star Wars fan, you make Yoda cocktails.

20. “Is it just me or does this observatory look like a giant R2-D2?”


© -AMARYANA- / reddit

Hope you enjoyed it! Comment down to let us know which of the Star Wars character is your favorite and why? Have you ever seen anything that resembles a character from Star Wars? If yes, share with us in the comments.


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