Orphan Stray Cat Evolves Into A Beautiful Cat

Mustering some love and care for the abandon can do wonders.

Adopting an orphan might be the sweetest gesture. An orphan animal can have a tough time in this world. There’s nothing crueller than the life of a kitten or any baby animal when it’s abandoned or lost. The poor animal suffers every day, unless and until someone decides to take it in and care for it. That gesture alone is what makes us human. Cat’s are forever babies and need to be rescued and looked after, all cats must be protected at all cost. Helping out animals can be therapeutic and watching that animal grow up can give you happiness and a sense of accomplishment. Also by doing so you get a friend for life. Yes! cats although are moody creatures but once they get comfortable with you, You’ll never feel alone. NEVER! Cat’s have the tendency to uplift your mood no matter how low you are.

A person on Imgur who goes by the username Binforlife goes around helping out animals recently saved and adopted a stray kitty. He wasn’t sure whether the kitten wanted any help but he didn’t ust let that be a second thought and saved this tiny kitten.


“When she first turned up”

Binforlife took the kitten in and the first thing he did was give this tiny baby a bath.

“Evolution of a bin cat that I didn’t even want”


“She used to live in a bin and couldn’t walk due to how matted she was. This was after we got the worse of the mats off, my mates a groomer. Even had bottle lids and a bit if metal from a coke can fall out of her fur when washing”

Look at that adorable face.


“After the worse of the mats were removed. She was found living in some bins but had nowhere to go, all rescues being filled because of Corona cats being dumped. So my mate phoned me wanting me to take this cat. She couldn’t walk properly because if how matted she was so I called a mate over who’s a groomer as I knew this was out of my depth and I’d fuck it up. She stank of bin juice/vomit and when washing her had bits of litter (bottle caps, a bit if metal from a coke can ect) fall out of her fur.”

Now she’s majestic.


“She used to live in a bin and my mate caught her as she couldn’t walk properly due to the mats… All rescues were filled up due to Corona kittens being dumped but they offered to have her put down. So my mate phoned me asking if I’d take this cat?”

“Full fluff mode plus putting weight on.”


“Looking cleaner and been to the vets. You can’t tell due to the fluff but you could feel each vertebra and put your fingers between her each of her ribs.”

“From a few days ago”


Now, this kitty is all beautiful.


And she loves to take a sunbathe.


“From today. Didn’t want me leaving when she was grooming, if I moved my hand she’d grip tighter.”


”If anyone wants to see more if her/rescue animals I’ve just made an Instagram today for my animals as most are abandoned pets, unwanted pets, strays etc that end up at mine.

The account is @matt_legg_and_the_bin_babies

Now they chill together.

It’s really good to see that this kitty ended up with someone who’d treat this tiny animal with so much love and care. A wholesome story like this can really motivate people to look after stray animals. With that said Let us know what are your thoughts on this story and also let us know your opinion in the comment section below.

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