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People Shared 2019 Problems That Didn’t Exist in 1989 & It’s Hilarious

Problems sure have changed since 1989.

Now I am not saying that problems did not exist in 1989, hell how would I even know since I wasn’t even alive then. However, what I am saying is that 2019 has brought a new set of problems that were unheard of back then.


From wanting to disappear into the puddle when your phone rings in the theatre to people knowing everything about you because of the Internet, 2019 is when nothing is private anymore.

So today we are going to shed some light on things that never would have happened if it was still 1989. So scroll on below and take a look.

Source: Reddit

#1 Retiring on a million dollars.

Trying to retire comfortably on a million dollars.

#2 Phone ringing in a theatre.


Phone going off in a movie theater.

#3 Your lock running out of battery.


Your home deadbolt lock running out of batteries.

#4 A drink with Bill Cosby.


Having a drink with Bill Cosby.

You wouldn’t think back then anyway.

#5 Being unreachable at vacation.


Always being “reachable.” I cannot count the number of times when my wife would call and I don’t answer (for whatever reason). She calls back 5 minutes later like ‘where have you been!?’

Some of my best vacations have been ones with no cell service.

#6 Kids playing without supervision.


Kids under 10 years old being out and about with no adult supervision.

#7 Visiting the cockpit.


Captain…..can I come see the cockpit?

#8 Nothing to do in the toilet.


Being in the toilet without your phone lol I can’t count the number of shampoo bottles I read in the 80’s and 90’s.

#9 Texting and driving.


Texting and driving.

Edit: distracted has for sure been a thing ever since there was something possible to drive. Specifically though, texting and driving became more and more of a problem as texting got cheaper and easier.

#10 No smoking in the hospital.


It blew my mind when my mom told me that the hospital asked if she wanted a smoking or non-smoking room when she had me.

And people used to smoke while they shopped for groceries. Just flicking ashes on the floor like it’s no big deal.

#11 Charging your cigarette.

Having to unplug my book so that I can charge my cigarette.

#12 Line at airport security.


Waiting in line to go through airport security.

#13 Putting in USB the wrong way.

Putting a USB in but it dosen’t work so you flip it over and realize you had it right the first time.

#14 Being left alone.


Being left the f*ck alone. Used to be you could disappear for the day and nobody was getting a hold of you until you came home.

#15 People finding out everything about you.

Having millions of people you’ve never met actively trying to dig up dirt on you and generally ruin your life because you said the wrong thing.


What do you think?

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