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Boss Berates Employee For Wearing Shorts To Work, Malicious Compliance Ensues

Some people like letting other people down just to satisfy their own egos. This is very common in work settings. The people sitting in the managerial posts often mistreat the employees working underneath them. They consider being impolite, loud, and rude as part of their job description and they justify this behavior by their senior position. If such a manager or person in any other senior management post is having a bad day, suffers some kind of loss in the business, or is held accountable for other things, they are more likely to take the frustration out on the general employees working under them even if they had no part to play in the whole scenario.

Something similar happened to the author of the post below. OP’s management recently got changed and turned out to be an aggressive man who likes to yell at people and exploits his managerial rights. Considering the hot weather OP wore shorts to work which was part of his regime over the past few years and no one had ever objected to that before. This year took him by a surprise, when the new manager for the pettiest reason calls him into the office, insults him for not sticking to the dress code, and instructs him to read the employee handbook for knowing the proper dress code. OP, being a good employee or maybe the urge for revenge, read the handbook pretty thoroughly. He came across the rule against the shorts but there was something else that wasn’t forbidden on the office premises, and he made sure to maliciously comply with that.

Something very interesting happened next, make sure to go through the post to know what exactly happened. I assure you it’s something interesting and you’ll be amused to know!

More info: “Boss said no shorts” – u/bear-mc

The self-assertive boss makes an entry

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The beginning of malicious compliance

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The sweet revenge

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If the management and seniors choose a wiser way of making an employee understand the importance of complying with the rules, it might actually make a difference. However, being rude and having an imposing attitude can lead to employees being stubborn and rebellious.

No gender biases when considering dress codes!


“Sounds like Walmart…” says u/ChickenZiZ, “I (M) worked there for 7 years, got shit for wearing shorts and told them ‘they aren’t shorts, they’re capris.’ When they said no they’re shorts I read them the definition of capris and asked them if the only reason I can’t wear capris is because of my gender then to please say so in a formal document so I can present it to the ethics department at corporate…. I was able to keep wearing my capris…”

Another commenter, u/lisalef had this to say; “My high school had a similar rule against shorts and during one crazy hot May, all the girls started wearing skirts. We collectively petitioned the office (which BTW, was the only place at school with AC, about it and they said no.) So…..the next day, almost every guy was also in a skirt. Needless to say, they amended the policy that if it was over 80F, we could wear shorts.”

That’s simply racist


Determining dress codes on the basis of gender is simply sexist, it should only be set on the basis of comfort and decency, this absurd law should be ruled out right away!

u/blindedtrickster did something equally interesting to bust the dress code taboos  “I worked at Wal-Mart for a while and was on good terms with (most of) the Assistant Managers. I’m male. One day I was talking to one of them and jokingly said ‘Hey, the dress code says that we’re allowed to wear a dress, right?’ They look me dead in the eye and in the most pained voice I’ve heard said ‘… Yes.’ I never did, but they knew that I had figured out how to understand the policy and what that could mean.”

u/chaoticbear replied; “That’s great! I worked there when they switched to the blue-and-brown possibly-accidentally-unisex policy; since we couldn’t wear shorts (at the time at least), I came to work in a skirt. Arkansas summers are hot as hell and I was riding the bus. Got the district HR person on my case but I also was able to fight it and came to work nearly every day in a skirt from then on. The requirement for them to be ‘no shorter than 6″ above the knee’ could look ridiculous on my (then) fairly fit manbody, but I got very good at the closed-leg squat to reach things on the bottom shelf without showing off the boys.”

The commentators sure have hilarious stories to tell about how they ended stupid rules that had been listed down about the dress codes. Putting up unwanted restrictions upon the employees can result in employees becoming frustrated and often giving up the job. In this process, companies can lose hardworking and compatible resources blessing their competitors with one. It is necessary to provide every employee with a healthy working environment to ensure maximum productivity.

Have you ever come across such an encounter, if yes how did you tackle the situation? Do let us know in the comments section below!


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