Company Messes With Employee’s Vacation And Loses Ton Of Money After They Quit

Some employers think that employees have no life outside the office.

Asking people to do overtime and paying for it is fine as long as the employees agree to it. But you seriously can not expect people to keep in touch with work 24/7. They have a personal life and a family to attend to. You can not expect an employee to even attend your phone call after their shift is done. They are under no compulsion to work or do anything work-related in the hours they take off and are not paid for. Some employers need to understand boundaries. If you want more time for an employee, pay them more and make the conditions clear in their contract. A lot of employers exploit their workers under the disguise of “favours.” Employees that want to build good relationships with their companies try to go out of their way to help out their employers and teams even when they are off the clock. But there are limits to a person’s kindness as well. You can’t grab a person’s entire arm when they just offered you a hand. But people like that exist everywhere. They try to take advantage of others any chance they get. If it saves them money and they can get someone to do something for free, they will jump to the opportunity.

Some employers even go as far as taking away the vacations of an employee. That is where a lot of people draw the line, and rightfully so. You work all year round and wait for your vacation time to arrive. When it does, your company says they can not give you vacation this year. You will obviously be pissed. You are not a robot. You can not work tirelessly the entire year and not even get a few weeks off. It is unfair. That is what happened to this employee. They had some issues with their employer regarding their vacation and the employee finally snapped. They emailed their resignation and the company started going crazy as it was making huge losses per hour. You can read the texts shared by the employee down below.

Via iambeaker

The first screenshot included the boss constantly texting the employee after reading their resignation mail. They repeatedly asked the employee to talk to them about it and settle it with a conversation.

The boss told the employee that everyone in the team would lose their bonus and pay increase if the employee refused to finish their projects. The employee did not respond.


Finally, the employee gave them an offer to join back work at a price, which was immediately rejected by the boss followed by statements such as “Be a team player.” As if that would make things any better.


The boss went as far as calling the employee’s emergency contacts because they would not respond. The firm lost $19000 as a result.


The boss then had the audacity to send the employee a priorities list, to which the employee replied that they had resigned and they have no priorities or projects unless they accept their offer.


So they can lose $32000 but they can’t afford to pay $10000 to avoid losing any more money?


Have you ever had an encounter like this with your boss? Have you ever rage quit? Share your experiences with us in the comments below.


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