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Husband Wanted Wife To Pay For Dinner With In-Laws, She Pays For Her Food And Walked Out

Didnt pay for everyone

If you want someone to do something for you, the best way for you to make it happen is to ask. This way you will get either a “yes” or a “no” and would be certain that the task that you wanted that person to do will happen or not. This is the best policy. If you don’t do this and instead assume that the other person will do the task for you without even asking, then you are basically an id*ot. How would you expect someone to do something without them even knowing about it?


In today’s story, that is exactly what happened with a hint of terrible intention. Reddit user u/MirandaAddison13 shared that after her mother passed away she inherited her money and it was a really good amount. While she was taking her time to think about what to do with the money, she noticed her husband would keep bringing the topic up and would make lots of suggestions regarding what she should do with her inheritance. This bugged OP.

The intentions became clear when the couple went on a dinner at a restaurant with OP’s in-laws for New Year’s Eve. OP quickly realized everyone at the table expected her to pay for the dinner. They assumed she would pay and OP never agreed to this. So after she finished, she decided to pay for her own food, got up, and left.

OP’s husband called her an AH for this. Scroll down below to read the story!

Source: u/MirandaAddison13

1. Why was she asked to pay for everyone? Let’s find out.

2. After her mother passed away, OP inherited a lot of money from her.


3. Since OP got the money, her husband kept on talking about it and suggesting how she should spend it.


4. For New Year, OP and her husband got together with her in-laws for dinner at a restaurant. For some reason everyone expected OP to pay for the whole table.


5. However after everyone finished, OP decided to pay for her own food, got up, and went out.


6. When her husband got home, he started yelling at OP for what she did.


This is entitlement at its peak. Absolute worse! They assumed OP would just pay for their food because she had money. Didn’t OP’s MIL and FIL feel disgusted with themselves thinking that their Daughter-in-law will pay for their food? My parents would rather d*e. This family is trying to rob OP’s money and she should be very careful in protecting it.

Keep your eyes open OP, these people will suddenly start loving you so much because of your money. Let’s see what happens next. Scroll down below to continue reading!

Source: u/MirandaAddison13

7. Her husband said OP did this only to make her in-laws feel bad about not helping her mom during the days she was sick.

This is a big accusation.


8. Her husband said it wouldn’t have hurt her account one bit had she paid for the dinner. This made OP turn to the AITA community to ask if what she did was wrong or not.


Source: u/MirandaAddison13

NTA! Without question. It is her money, she gets to decide what she does with it. Her entitled in-laws need to work hard to eat at fancy restaurants and pay for their own food.

Here’s what the internet had to say about this:

9. Your husband may try all sorts of tricks to get your inherited money. Talk to a lawyer and add a layer of protection.


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10. Had they asked, maybe OP would have agreed. But they assumed that she would pay. This is not the way.


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11. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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12. Secure it as quickly as possible because they do something fishy.


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