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25 Funny Pictures That Show Difference Between Mom And Dad’s Parenting Style

Who’s the better parent?

Parenting is a huge and very genuine responsibility that the parents have to take up as soon as they have or adopt a baby. It’s a real blessing to finally become a parent. To be a father or a mother. I wouldn’t know the accuracy of how it really feels because I am yet to have any children. But according to my mother, it was the best day of my life when she had my elder brother. She is yet to make a comment like this on my birth. I am just going to assume that it was the bestestestest day of her life when I was born.


However, along with all that joy, excitement, happiness, butterflies, comes a big pile of responsibilities. The responsibility of upbringing. You will have to bear those loud cry screams at 3 a.m. because the baby wants to be fed. You have to deal with them sleeping all day and staying awake all night. And then the diaper changes and the list goes on and on. The point is, it isn’t easy. And as the baby grows up, they become more and more responsible and understand a routine. But the whole process of parenting never stops. See, parenting is not all about upbringing. It’s also about keeping your children happy, listening to them, helping them, understanding them, taking them out for a snack, and more.

There is no fixed way of doing parenting. People have their own styles. It really depends on the parent. Yup! The way fathers parent their children is very different compared to the way mothers do it. Let’s just say, the fathers like to keep everything straight up and to the point. Which makes a father’s parenting style more hilarious than a caring, cute mother’s parenting style.

Let’s see these 25 funny differences between how mothers and fathers parent their children. Scroll down below to enjoy.

1. When Dad says he’s coming over vs when Mom says she’s coming over.

Via RealJMorandini

2. How Mom takes Instagram pictures vs how Dad takes Instagram pictures.


Via QueenCey_

3. “Was running late on my way to my mom and dad’s house and realized that there are 2 different types of parents.”


Via burritopalace

4. Here’s how it actually is when Dad says No (left) vs when Mom says No (right).


Via aalleeaa, Depositphotos

5. A prominent difference in parenting styles.


Via Kureiji_Yao

6. Dads don’t really like the middle talk and like to get to the point as soon as possible.



Via leprasorium

7. “I love to go to McDonald’s just for these stories.”


Via vedmich

8. “That’s how my mom sees sales, and that’s how my dad sees them.”



9. “It seems as my Dad sees any guy near me as a threat.”


Via starwarsawg

10. “My parents both appreciate the beauty in their own way.”


Via Jayylawton

11. “In our house: Building LEGOs with Mom vs building LEGOs with Dad.”

Via flarup

12. “Mom vs Dad pre-race texts…”


Via kenzieweiler2

The difference is very visible and very huge. Clearly shows how the two minds work. Why don’t you try and see if this works with your parents. Pose them the same question separately, and see who replies how. Surely, Mom would come up with a legitimate solution that may actually work. And dad? Dad won’t reply until he comes up with something funny.

Scroll down below for some more hilarity.

13. “How my Mom wraps presents vs how my Dad wraps presents.”


Via MadiganEmily

14. “How my mom takes photos vs how my dad takes photos.”

Via _ara_hori_

15. Dads embarrassing their children since the beginning of time.


Via karstene1552

16. A twist in the tale where the Dad is the calm one out of the two.


Via vgtjmn

17. “When my mom goes grocery shopping (top) vs when my dad goes grocery shopping (bottom).”

Via AlyviaPalileo

18. “Now you know who’s easier to deal with.”


Via keezindatrap

19. “My father’s hurricane prep advice vs my mother’s.”

Via gracegreenblatt

20. “Young parents, watching the same baby.”


Via alenapahomenko1

21. “Mom’s cooking vs Dad’s cooking.” A department where Moms are slightly hard to defeat.


Via Depositphotos, say_me0w

22. “Mom vs dad snaps, featuring Luna the kitty.”

Via autumn_mallory

23. “I sent a video of my jumping on the bed to my parents. Their reactions are priceless.”


Via golovuha

24. “Texting your mom in class vs texting your dad in class.”


25. “Trying to joke with your mom vs trying to joke with your dad.”

Via taylorharvey__

So, how much of this is accurate? I mean, the parenting styles. Do your parents react and do stuff the same way these examples show? Do share with us in the comments section down below. I hope you guys had a nice laugh. Stay happy, always.


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